Ray-Bans | Rare Prints

I have been looking at Ray-Bans fins there is many different ones but I have looked into Rare prints in particular as this is quite similar to my type of working.

This is my favourite video which I come across it begins simple and then becomes more complex and colourful throughout. The good thing about this is that the clips are only fifteen seconds long this would mean if I was to do designs which are similar to this my outcomes would easily be fit into three clips along. The only thing is I have to think of an idea which fits together into three and makes sense. If I follow this type of animation my narrative will be promoting Ray-Bans in a unique way to sell the product. If I am going to do this type of animation I could do stop motion and then later digitally add the colour in as it would most likely be better as it would give me a clearer outcome.  I also think this could be done using CGI however it would be flat graphics this could work however isn’t something I’ve ever done and might not work as well as traditionally drawing it.

The next video I found was different in terms of animation to promote ray bans as this was a little bit random but from the beginning it seems to me like they’ve used photography to show the face moving as its not smooth its quite rough following further with objects being included and moved around.  This is a clever way of animation as its not serious and for me this would fit well however to do 15 second clips I’m not sure if this would work well as they may all fit together well but not separately.

The last animation I found which makes no sense at the beginning but by the end you get it. I’m not certain on why I like it but it grabs my attention and I personally think these glasses look like its aimed at children this is because the bright colours would catch their eye. I also like how they’ve put ‘never hide’ in the writing on the floor from the ice cream being splatted. This looks like stop motion animation has been used to create the animation I understand this because from the knowledge I have gained in researching the history of animation I know that most stop animation is done by using a camera and an object for example clay each time you would want to move the animation you would move the clay and photograph the frame. The good side to this is a little amount of software is needed to create the final outcome however, the down side to this is if you make a mistake or your camera moves you have to start again. Along with this the time it takes to make stop animation can be time consuming and only result in five seconds of film.


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