Adidas | Advertising

While completing research for packaging design I came across an advertisement which I want to link to my moving image. I like the idea of this moving image because of the way the patterns on the shoes are changing. This has given me an idea to do this to the ray bans I think I could have someone walking down a street and when they put the ray bans on things start to change around them. Almost as if the world becomes more colourful and unique when you wear ray bans. I think the whole point of my moving image would have to be an advertisement if I did this it could be used on TV and I could see a possibility of splitting this into three sections so that I meet my unit criteria. Another way to further advertise it could be through Instagram making each clip last 15 seconds and they all form together into one at the end. Another thing which I could do is the ray bans logo is quite messy so when it comes to the end of the advertisement it could be the original logo and then as it reminds me of a piece of paper which has been scrunched up it could get scrunched up again and change so that the end logo related to ‘never hide.’ Then ending with a pattern which is used somewhere within my moving image and people can understand it throughout but even separately they all relate.


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