What I’m doing | Moving Image

I have began developing further with my moving image I am now near enough ready to be able to start creating this. The narrative about my moving image is going to be selling a product the product will be ray bans because of this my moving image is incorporating fashion. As Ray-Bans are seen as fashionable glasses.

My moving image is going to be able to split into more than three sections. From the storyboard I have created the animation will last up to a minute and may go over depending on the end titles but if so only by a small gap of around five seconds. When creating my animation I want to use rotoscoping in order to create parts of my animation. I also want parts to be normal especially the beginning and near the end however somehow would like to keep animation included this may however be by using typography so it keeps the idea of moving image.

The storyline of my animation is going to show a person walking normally down a road and then leading onto finding the glasses where the person walking will put them on and suddenly the video will turn into rotoscoping similar to this:

The glasses will begging to change colour slightly into the same part of the animation which will then lead onto the next part of my animation where the person walking will begin to look around and see random things I want to include art direction into my animation up to now I think this part of the animation would be good to include patterns as its going to be unrealistic and weird. Following further on the animation will suddenly drop almost down a hole. This is the only part of the animation which I’m not fully certain of how I’m going to show it up to now I think it should either turn black and you can only see the glasses changing colour or everything gets even more pattered and even more weird which will then lead on to someone coming out of the hole back into reality and ending my animation by having a slogan such as ‘Experience life with Ray-bans.’ and finishing with the ray bans logo and my name so when people see the animation they know who’s done it.

Also when creating this animation I want to keep in mind target audience this will be aimed at anyone who wears glasses but in particular the age range of 16-30 as I think this advert will appeal to them most.

The music I am going to use in the animation has to be synced with the animation I have no idea of what song I’m going to use but can only imagine a beat being the soundtrack and at the end may turn off to just sound effects such as car noises and people walking and talking.To help with me choosing the song for my moving image I have created a playlist on spotify as I use this a lot to listen to music so whenever I come across a song which I think has a good beat which would be good to walk to I will add it in here so that I can come back to it and also use youtube to listen to them without vocals.


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