Narrative Image Making

Narrative Imagery is the idea of conveying a story through a series of images, illustration or video. This can then lead to creating an animation which gives information, cultural wisdom or an idea. To further enhance the narrative music, graphics and voiceovers can be used to give the animation a further meaning.

An example of the use of narrative imagery can be seen in books for example children’s book but the one that mosts stands out to me is comic a few examples are below:



the first is Sergio Aragonés who has done illustrations in comics such as Wonder Woman, Space Circus and one of his most recent works Bart Simpson/Simpsons Comics. Through his work I can clearly even without any form of words understand the narrative in the illustration. In the first illustration its three people one who is an older woman who looks as if she’s being robbed by two younger boys and a superhero has come to save the day. The boys look shocked while the woman looks scared with the superhero looking angry and ready to attack.

The second illustration is a little bit harder to understand as there is no words to even help thinking of a narrative as this is book which is going to be targeted at children from the front cover I can see its The Simpsons and leads onto telling me space is involved along with Homer being angry while Barts above him on the moon this furthermore gives me an insight to what the story is going to be based about.

Another idea of Narrative Imagery is by Photographs. Photos tell a story about someone or an event for example. People have Photographers on their wedding day so that photos can be captured throughout the day and at the end be summarised into a collection that they can look back on and show people who may have not been there and through the photos taken you can still understand what went on through day from beginning to end.

This is an example of narrative imagery which has been done and turned into an animation. At the beginning you can clearly see that this is an Arctic Monkeys video however if you didn’t know who they where you wouldn’t understand why this was there. Throughout the video you can see both a man and a woman dancing. I have watched this video both with and without sound to see the comparisons you can clearly understand they both have passion but somethings not working with and without sound with sound the animation is clearer however the effect of adding sound has done the job of enhancing the video. Throughout the animation this is simple illustrations which include shadows and motion drawing. I feel the shadows have been used within the video to show further movement but not only that in some areas such as 1.52 you can see him throw his hands and his arms down to the floor but then throw them up this to me suggests anger and giving up but when he throws his hands into the air a sense of power has come over him and by the end of the video the girl has the shadows and is left on the ground looking sad and depressed the shadows highlight to me a strong sense of emotion throughout the video. Furthermore this video has shown me that creating animation can be kept simple with not much use of colour and just a simple body to create a strong amazing animation which even comparing to an animated song such as Blur Coffee and TV the animation to me seems better and makes more sense but yet is so simplistic compared.


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