Films & Advertisement

To further develop my research I have been looking into how shoes are advertised and tried to see if packaging is included anywhere. The first video I came across was Nike ID. This at the time was advertising a new way of selling shoes as it allowed a person to create the shoe themselves. This to me isn’t selling a product but selling the idea of creativity to a customer to give them the freedom to create any shoe what they want. This does’t show packaging at all but it would’ve been even more personalised if a person could make there own box or have the choice of choosing the original Nike box. If this was  me creating my own shoe I would want a personalised box as it would be like making my own shoe almost as if I created the shoe.


In this advertisement this shows an Adidas shoe being created. This advert was quite intriguing and at the beginning didn’t show much and not until the sides of the shoe where complete you knew what was going on. As for packaging used within the design I think its shown during the end however isn’t in full view so I can’t completely tell because of this I found an image of the packaging which I think it may be at the end of the video this is simple and professional as well as when looking closer has detail this sells the shoe more as the packaging makes the product look and seem of a higher quality as theres more thought that has gone into selling the product rather than using a normal Adidas box.

This is another advertisement I found from Adidas which is new. The first thing I see is an advertisement of selling a shoe throughout the film they show T-shirts and jackets I don’t think this has a particular aim in selling one item but its more of a message the narrative behind it is ‘Your future is not mine.’ The music is in sync as every person walking has a strong stride and they’re dismissing any negativity and looking for optimism. The sole purpose to me of this video is create and do it while you’re wearing Adidas it makes you stronger and ready for anything negative that is coming towards you.

The concept of this video is to show the quality and how Yeezys are made simply done with  only black as the main colour. The video takes the shoe apart almost to show the process in which the shoe is made. It then develops further into adding the pattern of the shoe and then even further with the little patterns such as the red stitching along the back. Once this is done the flat image is turned into a photograph of the shoe in real life. I like this as a designer because it shows me the process of whats being done but in terms of if I knew nothing about design I wouldn’t understand what this advertisement was showing me. This makes me want to take into consideration when doing my packaging to be careful to do it from everyones perspective and not just a design perspective. It has to make sense to everyone.

The last video I came across was ‘New York push.’ This was am movie created which sells the point to me ‘be awesome.’ and ‘Make someone else’s day while you’re being awesome.’ Its a film which I enjoyed watching and I didn’t find myself thinking when would this end but I found myself wanting more from what I was seeing because it was aimed at my age group of teenagers. He was skating around for the whole entire video and without even realising while I was watching he’s selling Adidas Superstars to me making them appeal more and look cooler. This advertisement is done perfectly in order to sell a shoe without someone even realising. Within my work if I was to produce a film as the end result by doing a film where I’m specifically showing someone a product but hinting it to them and by the end they realise but the film would be enjoyable. The only constraint with this is how hard it would be to do as for one I don’t do film and secondly if the film was to look professional and be effective it would most likely take a long time to produce and edit as well as possible having to spend money because of this I dont think this is a route I would take for my final outcome.


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