Walking | Animation

As for my moving image I have had the idea of some one walking down a street to be sketched I decided to watch this video even though this is not a real life human I found this really useful in terms of tips for how to create each frame.

This animation is done in Flash however I want to explore further with my research to see if there is any other way of creating this walking frame from a film if not I would go into flash as long as this could be done over an existing image to help. If flash and After Effects aren’t exactly suitable for what I want I would go back into photoshop in order to make a fifteen second clip of someone walking which I could transfer into After Effects and edit further the only problem here is this is most likely going to crash my computer as Photoshop may find it hard to hold the memory furthermore this is why I am going to continue with my research until I can find something which is suitable to work with and what I know will give me an effective outcome.


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