Ray-Bans | Never Hide

Today I was working on deepening my knowledge and understanding of animation I was on youtube and searched Ray Bans animation. The first video which came up was a stop motion however it looked quality so I decided to watch it.

From reviewing this video I have took inspiration as I have changed my idea of what my moving image is going to be like. My ideas have changed as the use of stop motion animation in this video is clever keeping me interested as well as this even though the videos are separate I feel like they fit into one as there isn’t much difference in use of colour even though there all individual and have different outcomes. They all promote Ray-Bans through video. I like this even more because I think if taking this idea and using it within my work I can create sketches whether digital or traditional and use them within the stop motion to make my moving image. The main idea I have up to now is that a lot of famous celebrities wear ray bans because of the I could do a 10-15 second clip of celebrities which I have sketched come up on screen. As well as this I could still include my idea of art movement into my moving image for example at 0.40 a train goes past theres no use of the train being there because it doesn’t sell anything however makes the video more interesting and more unique.

The music behind this piece is all incorporated and synced well into the video the only thing I don’t massively love is they stop and the start of another song happens which does flow with the video however to make it more professional could have been placed together so it  all flows into one song. The difference in my moving image would be I would only use one song or I would like to create a piece which I could use samples of other songs from and make them flow into one another so even when the videos are split into three they still fit together into one.

The narrative of this video is to sell Ray – Bans and highlight how ‘Never Hide’ glasses are quite daring hence the soundtrack behind the video most are quite rock and when I think of rock I think somethings daring which the never hide collection is full of patterns which not many glasses have and not many people own patterned glasses as there daring which relates back to the soundtrack.

Even though I have a new idea from this video I still want to incorporate my original idea I want to work on rotoscoping as its something I’m interested in this however will be a shorter length of time within my moving image but this keeps my video interesting and will have people engaged throughout.


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