Stop Motion

As I have decided to do stop motion and I have never used After Effects before I guessed the right thing to do was open it up and have a go because its best to fail now than fail later.

I didn’t care too much about roughness or anything as this was a test and it was never going to be developed no matter what. I wrote down Ray-Bans on a plain white page in red and each time I wrote a letter took a picture when I did this I created a folder so each image could be placed onto After Effects easily. I then added the files in in order and shortened the length down so that it could play quicker when doing this I realised that this was going to be a bit of a pain to do as in other clips there will be a lot more images and this was time consuming.  To make doing stop motion easier I have decided I’m not going to work in After Effects as theres quicker ways to do it because of this I found a website called Virtual dub this will make it easier to take photos of my images and then create a stop motion animation the software will allow me to change how fast I want it to go as well as this so I think that this is appropriate software to use however will look further before definitely deciding to do it.

I will also do a test within this software to make sure that I can place it into After effects or another software where I can add a soundtrack to it so that the narrative behind my final outcome is furthermore developed.

This is a screen recording which I have done in order to show how I have learnt how to do stop motion in After Effects. This video starts with the second step so I’ll explain the first.

To start a stop motion you need to go onto After effects and do file > New project after this you can then do file > import where I had a folder saved with my images I selected these in order and they went into the left hand box I then dragged them into the bottom box which then showed them on a screen I played them through and the animation was really slow and really rough. This led onto creating a new composition which went opened up my stop motion on its own almost as if was one layer.

In the video above you can see me moving diamonds along a timeline to do this I right clicked and selected time > Enable time remapping the video above shows me moving the diamonds around this basically takes the layer you want moved and makes it quicker but in order for this to be smoother you have to move the diamonds correctly so it all plays at a good pace for example if I had a diamond on the ‘N’ frame and moved it to the left this means its going to get played earlier so the ‘S’ frame would have to be moved to otherwise it’ll be almost like a pause and it’ll take a while to see so moving this frame will help the animation to all flow together smoothly.

For my first time doing this I’m pleased with the outcome it isn’t perfect but the main thing about doing this test was so I knew the steps for myself so when it comes to really developing my work I can take more time to focus on it and make it as smooth as possible along with this I did only use my iPhone to take these photos and didn’t manipulate them in any way as there is no point as this is a test I have done to roughly see how stop motion works in After Effects.



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