Stop Motion & Changes

Within my moving image I want the end credits to be stop motion. I want to apply this type of animation into my work as if I do rotoscoping its going to be a change and further develop my knowledge and understanding of animation. To do stop motion I will use traditional methods along with a digital camera. I will bit by bit add the end credits in until its finished once this is done I will be able to add the into After Effects where I can piece up the animation. The only constraint to this is if someone moves the camera or I get something wrong e.g. a spelling error I will have to redo the whole animation. Stop motion animation is going to be time consuming however will be a rewarding result at the end of this. Up to now for my animation I have the idea that this is going to be 10 seconds long however I don’t see this as a massive problem right now as I have timed my animation to be one minute 10 seconds.

This is the video which I came across while on youtube looking for stop motion. This has really changed my mind on what I want to do for my moving image. This video for me is more suited to my style of working. I love the idea of it however even though I have decided I dont want to do rotoscoping anymore I’m not fully wiping away that idea somewhere along the video I want a 10-15 second rotoscoping example. However the narrative behind this what I wanted in the first place is still going to be there I want a quote at the end such as ‘Dare to be different.’ or Dare to print.’   Furthermore I have a few ideas of how to do clips like this and be my own at the same time I want to include things from magazines, Drawings or even photoshop work or create backgrounds through traditional and digital methods. To get started on this while I’m off this week I am going to draw different sized glasses and keep them plain for now once this is done I then want to cut people objects out of magazines and work alongside them to do the patterns. Lastly I want one of the animations to include drawings of celebrities this could be making a face and changing over 10-15 seconds or showing different celebrities wearing them as Ray-Bans are celebrity endorsed. This then would be advertised to people as a high quality brand which people need to have and also that there glasses are made well because a celebrity wouldn’t wear something ‘cheap.’


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