Photoshop | Test

To learn  how to use Photoshop to create Stop Motion I did a quick test in order to start me off so when it came to doing the real thing I had an idea in mind of what to do. This was a quick test from this I learnt how to import my files onto a timeline and fit them to a certain time as well as this I also learnt how to make the images fade into one another. This is good to know when it comes to me doing a piece for my moving image which is similar to this as knowing how to cross fade will be better rather than images changing just looking like a simple gif with not much process to it.

I am going to use this idea when it comes to my moving image as a 10 second clip of someone just doing different faces however they will be wearing the Ray-Bans.  To do this I will carry on the use of stop motion however it will be quite rough in terms of how its shown I don’t want to see much movement apart from the face changes. Within my moving image I can imagine this too be quite simplistic with a twist. The reason I think this is a good idea to add into my moving image is because it can be used separately and especially if its 10 seconds it can be put on social media such as Instagram and people will know the advertisement in full and in short its also interesting enough for people to stop and watch it. The narrative behind this piece will be strong as if in terms of people wanting glasses and they don’t know what Ray-Bans are they’d see this and be interested in what they are?  who sells them?  where sells them? clear lenses and sunglasses? High quality?

If people think this after seeing a 10 second clip then my narrative is working to sell Ray-Bans to people who want high quality glasses with a twist to them.

From doing this experiment I now feel more confident using Photoshop to create my moving image as I know the basics of creating stop motion in the software and I can experiment further on developing my knowledge of the software when doing the real thing.


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