It’s a start…


Today I took the opportunity to work on my moving image I used my camera and a tripod and placed imaged down on a table I created the movement by moving things slightly and taking photos. I took around 100 images and I have uploaded these into Photoshop to make all of the images go into one file I did file > open and selected the first image where I then ticked Image sequence and was able to select every other image to import into this file. This placed every image I selected into the timeline and in the layers panel.

At first I didnt realise I had to convert the timeline to frame animation so I had to individually change the timing of each frame which took a long time and I really wanted to find a solution to fix this as it would take forever to do when further filming. As this happened I found a solution…

I changed my video by selecting the right corner of the timeline and selecting frame animation  I then selected all frames and changed the timing so the video didn’t run as slow from this then gave me an outcome which is still a little rough but can be fixed further when placing back into After Effects.

To finalise I have rendered my video in Photoshop and uploaded it to Youtube however the quality of this only goes p to 360p I’m no certain how to change this and I have tried a few ways and when I do find a way I will come back to this file and convert it to a higher quality.  I also want to make sure that next time I do this I am going to be somewhere the lighting won’t change as I want to try and not edit any of the images before even turning them into a video because that will be a nightmare to do and waste a lot of time.

To finalise I am also quite happy with how this has gone for my first time I think however when doing future recording I need to have the tripod placed directly above where I am moving my images as then it will be a complete flat movement. I’m not certain on taking this further and using it within my final moving image but I do love the fact I have made it move quite well and its worked for placing the Ray-Bans onto the models.

I am going to try and work on a more simple outcome when I next come to do my stop motion. I want to use a drawing I have done to not move but for things to move out of its mouth which will hopefully lead me further to  my next clip.

I also think through the video I have already created I have a narrative of Ray-Bans to be sold and I’m doing it in quite a fun, creative way. The aim of the narrative behind my video is to keep people interested however keep it professional I also think through showing celebrities I am showing a popularity and how Ray-Bans are the highest quality glasses you can get.



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