Packaging | Making the box

I am coming up to making my box however I have the constraint of not being able to use Illustrator to create a template as the size of the box is going to be too big not just for the computer to handle but obviously the printer is going to be able to print on card because of this I am going to traditionally make the box using cardboard as this material will be able to hold the shoes and will appropriately without being ruined when the products being delivered, shipped etc.

From this I have decided that I will take the measurements of the box and create individual files so that I can place my work onto them and print them off and stick them on this may not be the perfect way to do this design for retail purposes but for design purposes this will work fine and will also work when coming to do an advertisement as it’ll look professional. In terms of this being used for being sold as packaging it wouldn’t happen they would have a machine which would be able to print the design onto cardboard and a cutter which would be able to do this process as not just Yeezys but for example Adidas Superstars are sold in bulk so doing the process by hand would waste a lot of money and take a lot of effort.


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