Ray-Bans | Test Two

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.10.56Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.15.46Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.43.26

From my first blog post I explained how I made the stop motion using Photoshop and  a slight problem in the quality of the video when uploading it to youtube.

I have decided I like this as an outcome and I want to incorporate it into my moving image because of this I had to set the quality at 1080p. As you can see I have gone back into Photoshop and rendered the video again but this time I saved the video to quicktime and this then allowed me to upload to youtube without any problems.

As I have completed this I have decided to give my narrative a further meaning I have done this by looking into songs I can include in my moving image. I have listened to songs such as Figure it out – Royal Blood, Sleigh Bells – Infinity GuitarsCherry Bomb – The Runaways etc. In the end I decided on using infinity guitars this relates back to my research as I have looked a lot into the Never Hide campaign which intact used this song. The song gives my stop motion a further narrative as its in sync with the movement of my stop motion.

The aim of my stop motion is to interest people into wanting to buy Ray-Bans seeing them as glasses which are in fashion and of good quality up to now I think I am showing how they are showing this as I’m using celebrities to wear them and further through my stop motion I will do this further however I want to  sometimes focus on just the Ray-Bans as that is at the end of the moving image what I want to sell.

From making these changes to this video I also asked for feedback this was apart of my brief requirements to do a mini presentation I chose Rhiannon and Izzy to watch this because Rhiannon is a photographer who is quite interested in fashion and she could give me feedback on if I’m showing what I’m selling and if the composition I was using was right. I then chose Izzy as she has produced a piece of stop motion before which was useful to receive feedback from someone who’s already done this type of animation before.

I asked questions in my feedback which I felt where important to include as I want to know how someone from another perspective would view my work. The first question was is my moving image interesting? They both answered yes to this which was a good thing and shows me I was on the right track to a successful final outcome.

Te main aim was for them to know what the advertisement was about I received the answers To sell a product – glasses. and showing fashion through stop animation. This is close to right and can be made more clear throughout the animation as I’m nearly there and at the end of the video I want to include the Ray-bans logo.

Both Rhiannon and Izzy said they’d buy Ray-Bans after watching the first 20 seconds of my animation along with no improvements apart from if I want to aim it at men include more men as the advertisement up to now seems aimed at women.

I then asked if they would like to see anything more within the video both answered logo’s  which hasn’t been done yet but hopefully by the end of this week will be complete and ready to be placed at the end of the animation.

The one thing I was stuck with was the music for my animation there is so many songs that could be used however from my judgement I couldn’t pick on my own because of this I wrote the songs in the feedback sheet I most liked and played snippets to Rhiannon and Izzy to see what they liked most. Both picked more than one however they both picked Infinity Guitars and from my friend Bart he was able to say he liked it most which means I am definitely going to use it on my moving image.



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