After googling and you tubing I final found an appropriate way to import my images to make my animation. When watching on youtube the tutorial showed a lot of images being imported to make one document however I kept it to around 50 layers each movie as I didn’t want one file to be too big or freeze my computer. The solution to the problem was by doing file > scrips >  Image processor this was the first step which made a separate file full of jpegs as the correct size to then do the next step which was File > Scripts > Load files into stack. This then gave me one layer where I could then right click and turn layers into frames however this played from the end. To change this I right clicked my timeline an selected reverse. This was now the sequence I wanted playing correctly however too fast to change the time I selected all of the frames and changed the time to 0.2 as this felt rough but not too rough which was the outcome I wanted.

From doing this I am now able to render my video ready to be placed into After Effects.


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