Feedback | Moving Image


My deadline for presentation was the 22nd March. This meant all of moving image had to be shown in three clips at least and also in full. In order to make the presentation worth while I created feedback sheets this gave me an insight into if people understood my moving image separately and also if the music synced and linked to within my moving image.

The first three questions I asked where What message do you get from the first clip? What message do you get from the second clip? What message do you get from the third clip?The answers I received from the first question varied from a fashion advertisement, promotional video and something to do with glasses. These answers are right especially for showing one clip alone I didn’t want people to fully get what my advertisement was about as this keeps them interested in wanting to see whats next.

During the second clip is when my audience started to understand the concept of my moving image further as its shown in the answers such as ‘its about glasses.’ ‘Even more glasses.’ ‘advertising of sunglasses.’ ‘glasses advert.’ From these answers I can see how the message of a glasses advertisement is coming across but the brand isn’t this is good as it’s selling the glasses however you just don’t know the brand yet.

in the third clip the answers I received to the question What message do you get from the third clip? ‘Modern, fun, stylish.’ ‘The brand.’ ‘its about glasses.’ ‘I guess its an advert for glasses then haha.’ ‘Glasses advertisement.’  This now definitely shows the narrative behind my advertisement has come across as its shown through the answers. I’m not going to take the point of people not knowing its about Ray – Bans in a bad way because theres reasons behind that such as they dont wear glasses but I do and even if I dont see an advertisement I am the person that tries every pair of glasses on in the opticians so I know just about every glasses brand their could be.

One of the most important questions I had to ask was do people think my moving image fit together as a whole? The answers I collected was ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes! Quirky.’ and ‘Yes it makes a lot of sense and it works as an advertisement seems to be aimed at teenagers.’ Theres not much to comment on this as the answers explain. However I am happy that my moving image flows together nicely as this is what I wanted.

One of the biggest questions for me was people understanding the narrative now that I’d played my moving image in clips and also in full it made sense to ask what the narrative behind my moving image is. I got feedback such as ‘Advert for ray bans aimed at young people.’ ‘fun, creative brand.’ ‘advertising ray-ban glasses.’ ‘Promotional advertisement.’  and ‘Advertisement for ray – bans.’ This means my moving image is a success and people understand the narrative behind it. This is brilliant for me as I have been successful in selling Ray – Bans as a brand creatively yet make sense of it separately and together.

Another question I needed to ask was if the soundtrack linked / synced with the moving image? The answers I got for this where ‘Yes it works well. ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes as it was used by Ray  – Bans. Also with the music being jumpy it compliments the stop motion.’ ‘Yes! up beat linking to narrative & brand.’ Picking this track was a good decision as its already used in the Ray – Bans advert however I did have other songs which I thought would’ve gone well with my moving image however during my mini presentation both Izzy and Rhi said they liked this song it seemed like a safe option to take however made the most sense to do for advertising purposes.

Target audience is a big issue when it comes to advertising you have to make sure that your aiming it at the right people in my mind my advertisement does link to young people as I think Ray – Bans are mostly worn by the younger generation but I wanted to aim my advertisement at people who don’t have Ray – Bans and interest them in a creative way. From the answers I received ‘young individuals and people who wear glasses.’ My target audience is who I wanted it to be therefore the advertisement is correct and as everyone in my class are young id they get this point of view so will other people.

I asked the last question before improvements of would you buy Ray – Bans after watching this?  This is completely opinions and I wouldn’t take it critically if people didnt want to however the answers I received where mostly ‘Yes if I had the money.’ Another answer which was the only no was explained ‘I probably wouldn’t but thats just because I’m not a name person. but I can see it appealing to people and them being swayed into buying them.’  I’m glad that this was explained rather than just no as I appreciate everyones opinion and some people don’t like to fit in with fashion or trend they want to be different and thats fine because thats their choice. If everyone did wear Ray -Bans no one would know anything different which isn’t good so you need people to be different otherwise your brand isn’t unique.

The last question I asked was for any improvements because although presentations done theres still a week till deadline and this means I can fix any mistakes or improvements to hand in most answers asked for a smoother transition of images. Which I will work on however I feel the roughness fits well down to me as I dont work perfectly but this is something I can try out another was ‘more dogs with glasses.’ I will take this into consideration for next time as people obviously like weird and it stood out to them along with ‘try the advertisement with lyrics.’ I was going to use lyrics up until the end however I don’t think this fitted the way I wanted it to but now presentations done I can do this again and see if it does work out any better.’

To conclude my presentation overall went well and I’m happy with the piece I’ve produced as well as the feedback I’ve received people understand what my narrative was and that my moving image was promotional. I think if I was to do this moving image again I wouldn’t change much because I like the fact that its quirky and a little rough but if I am to do a piece of moving image again I would like to learn After Effects or Premiere Pro as this adds further to my knowledge in software even though I have learnt a lot more about Photoshop doing this piece of advertisement that I didn’t know before!


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