FMP | Ideas

For my moving image the concept has to be based around music. I want to create an album cover however this will have to then relate to the moving image. I have a few ideas however I am exploring further with my research to really understand what I want to do.

The first is a lyric video this seems to be a good idea as a lot of artists nowadays release them and it would also be appealing and people would want to watch. This would fit perfectly well with creating the album cover but I’m limited for time is this the perfect thing to do I’m not too sure yet.

I looked at Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know the video is quite simplistic not a lot of colour going on which would most likely be the best thing to do if I am to do a lyric video however the colour will have to link with the music and I also have to then keep in mind my moving image needs to  be heard so I would have to have headphones provided for people to listen.

Theres then also lyric videos like Oasis – Slide away. The video is simple typography however the background highlights mixed media for me and as this is a strong working area for me something I would be quite confident in doing the only problem I think is if its just typography and nothing else are people going to watch it as much as I want it to look professional I dont want it being boring. I could most likely work with a video consisting of just typography but also having some illustration within it so the video isn’t full of just text but similar to this:

This wouldn’t be exactly what I want however its more interesting than just words theres more of a story behind it. However even though this is most likely a lot of work it doesn’t mean it cant be done as well as this the moving image doesn’t move but is one image showing a particular line of the song this is a bit better for editing as I wouldn’t image it to take as long to do but still seems interesting. The thing about this video is if I was to do something very similar it would be drawing that takes the longest time to do and especially within Photoshop not being massively experienced in using a wacom tablet to produce any outcomes its a risky thing to do.

<p><a href=”″>Vision of Art / 2013 / Showreel by ADDMINIMAL</a> from <a href=””>Adriana Gerasimova</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

The next video isn’t something I want to do but has given me inspiration what if I dont just  do one album cover but base this off a particular artist and create album covers which I could then put onto someones face how would this work? I’m not sure in my mind I can see this being done from a projector or physically painted however this would be so hard to do as I’m not a make up artist and also facial wise nothing is exactly smooth. If I was to use make up it would be in my eyes cheating as I certainly couldn’t do it I would need someone to do it for me which is the right thing to do but then I have to trust someone else to make my project the way I want it to look.

Moving on I am interested in fashion and I could see it being incorporated somehow. I feel like someone in the music industry such as Kanye West would be the type of person who would make an album and then sell it through his clothing line. E.g. Someone just wearing a dress filled with his album cover or a T-shirt almost like its a subliminal message which is hidden but its right in front of your face. I think this would be a good route for me to take as I like fashion and I’m also using Art Direction to sell a product and as I know from collaborative brief I enjoyed doing this however this time its in a more obvious way.

With these ideas in mind I would rather not have a set idea at this point in time as I need to be set on an artist or a band who I could relate my brief to. Knowing this may help me as something they do could relate to one of the ideas I already have or give me inspiration for a new idea.


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