What does Rebellion mean to me?

Rebellion defined means an act of resistance to an established government or leader. The action or process of resisting authority, control or convention.

When I think of Rebellion I think of the things everyone else mostly does such as riots, protests etc however I don’t want to think of rebellion this way. For my project I want to think of rebellion in a creative way but to put that into place I need to understand this creatively.

For my project I want to take the role of music and rebel. To do this however I need to further my knowledge into what rebellion means and how it fits into music up to now I have ideas such as a particular artist or band rebels in the music industry to spread a message some which are positive and some which aren’t.  I would prefer my outcome to have a positive outcome as I want people to look at my project and like and enjoy what they see however I would like public opinions oh what people think of when they imagine rebellion creatively.

I am going to further develop my research by looking at moving image ideas and also examples of album artwork as these two I feel at this point are the most important to have in place in order to be able to develop to the next stage of work.


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