David Bowie | Rebellion

I recently watched Five Years of Bowie on Netflix as I didn’t know much about him while watching I took notes which I have placed into my sketchbook. From watching I noticed that Bowie not only rebels in the beginning by taking drugs but he is a character Bowie quoted ‘ I feel like a character on stage not a rock n roll star.’ This is very true for him from looking at what he did he had character from  Major Tom to Ziggy Stardust.

From watching the film I took a lot of different points he is a person who definitely stands out and is rebellious. Within his music he did things not many other people would do and if they did then it would most likely be utterly ridiculous. For example in the song life on mars he does key changes on piano which wouldn’t seem right however they are cleverly done you can tell this when at 35 seconds he adds a key change of an E minor in it which doesn’t mean much to me however when you listen you can tell the difference from the beginning to that point.

Another thing with David Bowie which I think makes him rebellious is the fact he doesn’t stick to rules just like his characters he changed his style of music from rock to soul and from songs with complicated writing to the simplest lyrics. Along with this he didn’t stick to a way of working he did what he wanted to for example right after his Ziggy Stardust album he began to work on a soul album once this was done he took a little bit of a break from music to find himself moving to Berlin and getting rid of many of his possessions especially his wardrobe and going back into the studio to work out who he was this made Bowie more sinister and only started to release happier songs when he changed producers and released songs like ‘Lets Dance’ and ‘China Girl.’ In 2007 he decided to disappear but in 2013 released a song called ‘The stars (are out tonight.) This shows that Bowie doesn’t follow rules and is rebellious in the music industry as normally interviews to promote the song would be done in order to make a comeback however Bowie didn’t do that and from seeing the film I have realised just how much Bowie has had an impact on music and still today is relevant in the music industry and has gone down as a legend of music for the way he writes and what he wore throughout his career.



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