Thanks to my friend Izzy I was able to be shown this video of paint and speakers splatting this happens at 1.25 in the video this looks so cool and I love the colours. This has helped me a lot as it has given me more of an insight to what I would want the paint to do with the speakers.

I would love to be able to do something similar to this however thinking about this logically I could only use one or two colours along with if the speaker is even going to be able to happen I hope so and I want to make sure it fits into my brief if it does however speakers are expensive and it would obviously need to work. If getting a new speaker is a problem which I wouldn’t want to do I would get a used one or ask if anyone owns an old speaker but this then would come down to the speaker being too small or too big and I need it at an appropriate size to fit into the exhibition as it has to only be in my area as well as not obstructing anyone else’s work or my own and especially anything which could be a hazard to health and safety.


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