TEDx talk | Yang-May Ooi

I decided to help with research I wanted to watch some TEDx talks this doesn’t have anything to do with music however its to do with Rebellion  Yang-May Ooi talks about how small steps of rebellion can make a big difference. While watching I learnt that in the beginning she wanted to fit in so in the 80’s big hair meant you where amazing and all the cool people had them she had friends who where in relationships and beginning to have kids so she did this too. Even though she had all this she wasn’t happy.  The real her liked to be quite tom boyish and have short messy hair and one friend allowed her to do that she felt happy around her and real. She started to have feelings for her friend however when he friend said I love you she said I love you too as a friend. Her mind told her that her friend thinking she loved her wasn’t right and it was wrong she even considered anything more than a friendship. Her friend then moved away and with this they still kept in touch they met up and they went out together as friends however this led into something more she decided to forget whats socially acceptable and if her family will accept it she needs to be happy she kissed her friend but with this her friend said you cant give me what I want and thats a family. Even though she had just completely took a big risk and risked many things especially her social status she didn’t care because she was happy she came out to her family and it made their relationship better and also went on to quitting being a lawyer and becoming a writer where she has published books which have been successful. Along with this she has also met Alison the love of her life who has changed her life for the better.

In conclusion from this being a rebel can mean accepting things and not following what everyone else does because if you’re not yourself then who are you? This can relate back to other parts of rebellion such as protests if no one takes a stand and try’s to change something is it going to change? People who take the smallest steps of rebellion make a big difference as its what effects the future especially things such as racism in older generations its fine to be racist because thats how they where brought up however within this day you do still hear of it but its being taught that its wrong and to accept people no matter who they are or their background. Although racism still happens today people rebel against it and they do say its wrong and stand up for it more than people did in the past.

Without rebellion things would stay the same and is that really what people want?

I say no change needs to happen in the world for example relating back to this video in the 80’s it wasn’t acceptable to be gay. Whereas in 2016 its fine to be gay although not everyone accepts it people are more open to it and that shows a change along with this type of rebellion has changed from then up until now.


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