Illustrators | Inspiration

Helen Green is a freelance illustrator who has done some drawings on David Bowie this is a video showing her illustrations I want to do some drawings similar to this however I need to practice drawing faces so when I am next in the library I am going to get a book which will help me improve on my drawing skills I will take this home and instead of using my sketchbook I may use paper or have another sketchbook which is just for this part of my project only. The difference with my work is that I’m not sure if I would want it to look as plain because that doesn’t represent me although I want to challenge myself and go out of my comfort zone for this project I still want some aspects of what I work with best now to be shown through my work this may be that the backgrounds for my work aren’t just plain they need have some form of space but I could do it almost slightly around the drawing but so it doesn’t fill the whole page.


I have also found an artist Natalie Foss who I found on Pinterest I haven’t massively looked into her work but I already like the look of her work. I like the fact that this illustration isn’t normal its a little bit quirky yet its not too detailed. Taking inspiration from this piece I would like to have David Bowie’s clothes to stand out and the rest of the drawing to be quite simple compared to one piece therefore theres a point of focus for the outcome.


The last person I have found was Phillip Dennis I love the use of colour within his work its eye catching and although I have never used mixed media pieces to add colour to my drawing. I could see myself doing a similar piece to Phillip Dennis. I love his use of mixed media I think this is something I need to work with in some of my illustrations as I can experiment and see the outcomes. However the point of my brief is to rebel and I’m rebelling by drawing digitally therefore if I used mixed media to produce a piece of work my drawing technically hasn’t been created digitally however I could avoid this problem by drawing an outline digitally and then adding mixed media into the piece therefore theres a mixture of traditional and digital aspects within an outcome I produce.

From looking into these three illustrators I have seen the difference in how people work there all quite perfect and not massively detailed in terms of other objects on the face than the important features.

With the inspiration I have taken from these artists I would like to try a mixed media outcome and have a piece which will have a main point of focus this may be different from Natalie Foss and be shown in a different way however I could portray this in my style. I am going to now take into consideration skin tones from Helen Greens work as out of the three artists she’s precise with her drawing and she is able to use different tones effectively, If I do a piece which is precise this will be rebelling for me as normally I’m used to being quite free within my work where as I will have to follow a reference throughout this will be beneficial to me as I’ll be able to see if I can have a precise outcome compared to work I have completed in the past.


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