Mark Ronson: How sampling transformed music?

I watched a TED talk what Mark Ronson did about sampling and music. I watched this because the title seemed interesting and I wanted to know more about it although from watching it I don’t think I have took much from it other than how a lot of people have used  “La Di Da Di,” Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’ to re-create songs such as Biggie or Miley Cyrus. He speaks about how we’re from a generation that will take a lot of inspiration from older songs. This is a form of rebellion against creating your own music however I don’t think its a massive form although its created an impact and many people use sampling in their songs to me I don’t think thats rebellious. I see it as people taking inspiration from older songs and re-creating them so there new.

The only thing which has helped me from this video is realising that David Bowie’s under pressure was taken by Vanilla Ice to create Ice Ice Baby this to me just shows that he’s took this song as its obviously made an impact on him and he’s liked the song so much that he’s wanted to recreate it however he’s been lazy and not changed the beat of it he’s just kept it the same which to me is like taking someone elses work and making your job a little easier.



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