Research | Evaluation

I have recently began my FMP I have decided to do music and incorporate it with the project theme rebellion. From my research I have chosen David Bowie as my artist to follow for this project. I had him in mind however conducted a survey where I asked multiple questions about music and rebellion such as ‘What do you think of when you hear the word rebellion?”Who do you think of when you think of music and Rebellion?’ I asked seven questions and from these took into consideration what everyone had said someone said they thought David Bowie was rebellious I thought this and for some reason straight away watched a film on David Bowie. From watching this I then had it set in my mind that David Bowie was who my project was going to be about as he didn’t just rebel because he wore weird clothes and wore make up which isn’t what most male music artists do. He also wrote quite rebelliously in the way he didn’t just stick to one genre of music to playing  music for example he had different characters for albums he went from being a rock star on stage to then releasing a soul album to then releasing softer music with simpler lyrics. The next thing what stood out to me was the fact that he released a song in 2013 called the stars (are out tonight) without any say of him coming back or him doing interviews and promotion he just did it. This goes to show that he rebels in more than one way whether its writing music or what he wears and how he likes to work most music artists wouldn’t release a song without doing any promotion for it as the song may not be successful but David Bowie just did it and it also shows that he doesn’t just do music for money he didn’t care if the song was successful or not he did it because he loves music.

I carried on my research further looking  into artists such as Helen Green, Natalie Foss and Phillip Dennis. The reason for these illustrators are different. Helen Green has completed a lot of illustrations on David Bowie which I really like there completely different illustrations to what I could imagine myself doing as there plain compared to how I would say I work but this is good because in a sense it will be helpful for me to try work similar to her I could try this and see how it goes and then scan it in where I can then use mixed media or felts to go over what I have created. This will be helpful as it will show development and then I can decide which I like more and ask for feedback from other people which will help me decide what to use for my final. I then looked into the work of Natalie Foss she still has simple illustrations however its her use of colour which is quite weird and what I think makes her work stand out. I think Natalie Foss will be helpful in some way but not as much as Helen Green although I like her work I think she will more likely come into place when I start to begin to create gifs as I would like my gifs to be a little bit weird and make people think its a little trippy. I then looked into the work of Phillip Dennis who uses mixed media to create his drawings this is something I’ve never done before but I’m familiar with using mixed media to create outcomes this is another way for me to experiment and develop further with my mixed media skills and see how the outcomes look. Along with researching this I have also looked into ideas for my moving image at first I had a lyric video in mind so I looked into different videos such as Arctic Monkeys – Do I wanna know, Maroon five – Payphone. There all different however thinking about this is people would have to listen to watch whats on my IMAC otherwise it makes no sense I don’t think I want to do this as even though music would enhance my moving image people should be able to watch it without having to listen to it. The lyric video idea was before I did my presentation and asked for feedback this was just something I had in mind because it related to music however I wasn’t fully certain that I wanted to do this. Now I have more of a creative idea in mind than before which is better and relates the way I like to work better. I also watched two TED talks one was about music and the other was about small acts of rebellion. I think the small acts of rebellion stood out more to me than Mark Ronsons. This is because Yang – May Ooi’s TED talk stood out more and explained rebellion to me in a different way than I though she spoke about how she wanted to fit in but she was never happy following other people because she couldn’t be herself. She then spoke about all of her friends had boyfriends so she did too but she wasn’t happy. She leads on to talking about how she had a friend who she could be herself around and her friend didn’t mind it she ended up falling for her and being too scared to rebel again societies definition of normal she told herself it was wrong however by the end she told her family and friends that she was gay and changed her job from a lawyer to being a writer which is what she truly always wanted to do. She lived her life just following everyone else but in the end she rebelled against societies definition of normal and she also rebelled against her own thoughts which told her she was wrong. Yang – May is the type of person to rebel in a small way but she’s making a difference as back in the 80’s it wasn’t normal to be gay and you got judged for it where as now because of people like her who rebelled its now something which isn’t seen as so different and wrong no more its becoming normal although people still condemn it a lot more people accept it because people are more open minded to things which haven’t been potentially normal in the past. Mark Ronsons TED talk was about how sampling has become a big thing in music I learnt from this that you can take almost anything and change it to make it yours this is used nowadays throughout music a lot but can be done both positively and negatively although I learnt something I have realised that this hasn’t helped me in any way for my project.

Along with doing my research I have also realised how using a speaker may be harder than I thought throughout my research I have thought about how I am going to find a speaker which I could use but wouldn’t be expensive and would be able to fit into a stand. I wouldn’t want to pay out for a speaker as the speaker most likely wouldn’t work after it with paint on it as well so it wouldn’t be worth it the only other thing I could do is get an old used one from someone or buy it however this most likely wouldn’t be able to happen because I wouldn’t know if the speaker was faulty I wouldn’t know and this leads to dangers so I wouldn’t do it. With this I have changed the speaker to now a vinyl player as this is safer and I have one which I don’t use and that I will be happy to use a prop for my disk to go into.

In conclusion most of my research is done however I still need to complete primary research which should be done within the next week I am going to visit the open eye gallery to look further into layout as this will help me further with my exhibition set up along with this I will visit the Beatles museum to look into how they rebelled and hopefully I will be able to develop an understanding further of album artwork.


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