Evaluation | Concepts & Start of Developments

I have recently began writing down ideas for my final pieces from the research which I have conducted I realized I wanted to do illustrations because of this I looked into anatomy and also Youtube videos on how to draw faces I have drew examples within my sketchbook however I realized I work better just doing things and realizing if I make a mistake a long the way. My ideas have generated from looking into Bowie’s characters I want to draw at least four I have already drew Aladdin Sane as well as Labyrinth¬† along with this I want to draw David Bowie in his last years where he didn’t dress up and use make up along with Ziggy Stardust and Pierrot this is more than four however as I do the illustrations I can see what works best for me to then develop these illustrations further as I want to rebel against the way I normally draw traditionally and using a Wacom tablet is something I’m not quite used to this will be pushing my boundaries helping me to develop my skills within Photoshop further. I am also going to use these illustrations for my album cover in my mind I have David Bowie.

I have also completed a photo shoot in which I used Bart to dress up as Ziggy Stardust this wasn’t meant to happen as I had a model prepared to come in but last minute had a personal issue to deal with which was understandable however left me either having to cancel the shoot or ask someone else to do it as Bart was ahead of his scheme of work he offered to do it. I used the main studio for the photo shoot which was a big help however I do have good images there just not amazing and I think especially because David Bowie is a character and Bart may have had the make up but he wasn’t dressed where as Vince my original model was prepared to wear an outfit and make up which fully completed the look and would have made my photo shoot stronger.

I think this photo shoot did help as I worked out that I needed to know what poses I want my model to do what type of shots I need for my final outcome where as I just went in to do it without knowing much which

For my concepts I have decided to do four David Bowie drawings which will be traditionally drew however I want to develop these and make them digital as I never do this. The only problem for me is that I’ve never done it therefore I’m unfamiliar with what I’m doing however I think doing full digital images would be good but then what was the big point in the time I have took to do my traditional drawings because of this I could for example only make the eyes digital or use photoshop to enhance what I have done further. I am still in the experimental process of doing this however my first drawing is going to be fully digital as this is the hardest thing I will do and if that turns out well then I am going to be fine doing the rest up to now I have realised how time consuming it is and how much detail there is within a drawing I am using an image of Bowie to use the eyedropper tool which will help me get the colours as accurate as I can.

I am going to continue this week with my developments producing my traditional pieces as digital outcomes and seeing what I get this will then help me with creating my disk and my album cover especially once my photo shoot is done although I am going to try and re-arrange my model Vince to come in next Monday as I will be able to take stronger images now that I have already done one shoot. I will thn further develop my images and create gifs for my moving image which I will show on my IMAC.


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