Help with Digitally drawing

This afternoon I have been working on digitally drawing David Bowie with the help of some artists and brushes which I downloaded I have completed the hair and using a brush which is already set in Photoshop I have completed the eyes. I now want to work on skin the thing is Photoshop just dont have the brushes already in there to start drawing skin because of this I googled skin brushes for photoshop I found a link which is above which gave me examples of the brushes I can download I downloaded these and have used a page in photoshop to just see how they work Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.24.03.png

From the page you can see the different types of brushes which can be used to complete my Bowie drawing I think I will most likely use these brushes for the Bowie drawing I am doing

 Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.28.50.png

I am going to start off with using these brushes as they seem the most basic and the foundation to creating skin I find that the other skin brushes are for detail such as freckles or skin imperfections which I’m not too worried about for now however this doesn’t mean I use them if I come to the point where I just dont think the skin looks right then I will try to incorporate them I am prepared tomorrow for things to go wrong with skin as I’ve never done it before its going to take time and precision to get right as from my realisation this is more time consuming than I thought and as I need them to be high standards of work I am not going to rush them but will take up more time to make them perfect however while doing this I have to make sure that I dont let other things be forgotten so this will most likely be done at home after this week or maybe next.


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