Digital Drawing

To stick with the theme of rebellion I knew in my mind why David Bowie was a rebellious artist however I wasn’t showing how I am rebelling with how I work because of this I decided that from looking ingot he work of Helen Green most drawings are taken digital as I have done this before but only to enhance my work I decided to challenge myself. Over the past week I have been working on doing the drawing completely digital I realised over this time that drawing digitally is a lot harder than I thought and takes a lot more time than I planned to. Downloading brushes from Shaddy Safadi and Jonas De Ro I used both hair and the large skin brushes which helped me a lot in getting a more precise outcome.

To create my drawing I first traditionally drew it I then scanned it and opened it up into Photoshop I drew on A4 so I had to set my document in Photoshop to A3 I then used free transform and held shift until my drawing fit the whole page.

I had no idea where to start my drawing I figured that hair would most likely be the simple place to begin however this was before I knew about downloading brushes which can help to speed up work and also look more realistic so I spent a lot of time colour picking and using a soft brush which was just not looking good. From my realisation this wasn’t going to work not for all the drawings its taking too much time and if I have more than one to do and I have to blend brushes are going to be my absolute power to make things happen quicker with downloading brushes I then also realised how hair isn’t small people don’t concentrate on it in small detail theres a lot of it because of this I colour picked and I would use the hair brush tool to fill the whole of the hair on my hair layer I kept on colour picking and repeating this until I was happy all I then had to do was hair strands loose hair which fall onto the face and some which are smaller do need to be concentrated on a little bit this however wasn’t time consuming and took me half an hour at most however I already wasted about two hours of my time not knowing there was other brushes. I then also added a new layer and changed it to colour burn I selected mostly the red parts of the hair and this would lighten them up I didn’t do too much of this as I didn’t think the hair was looking too bad at this point and I was happy to move forward.

The part I was most worried about was the skin.I have never ever used digital software to make skin and how on earth am I going to make it look realistic However the skin brush did help me a lot and setting my opacity to 30%  was the best thing for me to do as I wasn’t being too harsh with the brush and it made it easier if I needed to blend in the end. I used the picture I drew from as reference to help me colour pick as this was the most effective way of being precise however from spending a long time colour picking and then using the skin brush tool to fill in the face it was looking really pink and it just wasn’t something I’d be happy enough to say is finished  because of this I created a new layer and used a light skin colour and again set the opacity to 30%  this did lighten the drawing up a lot more than it was and there was still pink in it and I got to the point where I tried to take too much away which when looking at the actual picture he does have a lot of pink in his face but because he is so pale wherever the pink isn’t its almost white which would’t look correct within a picture I took my time in doing this to make sure it was good enough for me to think I could end however from realisation digital drawing isn’t my favourite thing in the world up to now I find it interesting just complicated especially as its something I’ve not done.

As there was some parts of the skin still looking slightly more pink than the picture I created another layer and changed the opacity of my brush to 40% I just went into the areas which needed it most too look more white and once this was done I was more satisfied with what I had done following the same routine I did the neck this wasn’t too hard and didn’t need to be as detailed I had to show the collar bones and the Adams apple this wasn’t too hard as it was only small areas therefore didn’t take too much time it took about 20 minutes to complete this and now my drawing was looking a lot better and near enough ready to be completed.

I then added the eyes which wasn’t too hard however Bowie has different coloured eyes so this just seemed to me weird however it did work well enough it was most likely the part I was most comfortable doing as I don’t want my drawing too look realistic as if it was the picture you where looking at but I used the colours which show his eyes and it went quite well zoomed out they both look different and you can see the change in colour in the both of them.

The last thing I added was the lighting bolt which was a little bit more tricky than I thought however compared to the rest the most simple using a hard brush I colour picked the red blue and black and used my original drawing to trace over some of this was slightly off however not massively it could be fixed with noticing the mistakes I fixed them and then zoomed in to make sure everything was tidy enough with no rough edges.

 With my next drawing I’m going to be more care free and keep it digital again however be more experimental and not care too much for perfection but something I enjoy doing and hope I get a good outcome out of it in my mind up to now I am doing labyrinth as the next character to I want the hair to be quite colourful and the drawing to not look as fitted to normal as I did with this one.


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