Photo Shoot | One


I have printed off contact sheets of all the images I have completed for my Bowie shoot however these are the final images I have chosen to develop further. These where the best images I took and represent Bowie the most. I also think that some of these images will help me further with editing as I don’t think using the full face is always necessary for example the first photo I wouldn’t use however with cropping the image could work I also think from these photo shoots I should be wanting to incorporate them into my album cover and disk. The idea of cropping has came around from looking at David Bowies greatest hits album cover.


I think for the back of this album cover I should use a simple font such as helvetica however it will have to fit with the font on the front and shouldn’t be too similar and it has to legible for the purpose of people at the exhibition being able to read it and for example I would have to make sure people with glasses can read the font however not too big that it doesn’t look right I think I will most likely use 12pt or 14pt depending on how it will look when I print.


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