Bowie | GIF

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 09.58.15

I decided with the photo shoot I did with Bart I wanted to experiment by cropping his face and using things which represented Bowie but hinted towards him the first thing which stands out for me is Bowies eye colour taking a picture from google images of his eyes up close I pasted it into Photoshop and used the eye drop tool so that I could then go around the eye and fill it in. I did this by using hue/saturation and making sure colourize was checked. Then using the eye drop tool I colour picked from David Bowie’s left eye which then using a soft brush i filled in. Once this was done I merged the two layers together so that I could begin to make a GIF once I finished.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.02.58

The next eye followed the same steps however the eye colour changed so I couldn’t just copy and paste I had to copy the layer of Barts eye without the editing above and create a new hue/saturation layer and change it again to colourize which then allowed me to eye drop and go to a darker blue once this was done I merged these layers as the next step was to create a GIF.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.03.47

Once I completed manipulating my images I then copied both of the layers so now in total I had four I turned my timeline on by doing window > Timeline I then had to convert frames into frame animation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.06.36

When this was done I then made frames from my layers which then showed up on my timeline I played this through without changing anything noticing it was too fast because of this I changed the speed to 0.1 I played it through and set the timing to forever. to make a slight change Barts skin isn’t as white as David Bowies colour picking from his skin and lightning it up and changed my layer to soft light this gave me a feathered look and didn’t overpower his skin too much as it kept the original skin there just lightened it up slightly.


This was now my GIF created I saved this for web and then opened it up online to make sure it worked properly and had no problems. This is now my first GIF complete which I will show on my IMAC.

Update: (1st June)

Since I created this GIF I have independantly completed all of my other outcomes from realisation this gif now wouldn’t fit into my moving image and it would change the flow of my moving image. I do like this piece but I don’t think its going to effect my work if I don’t use this to show on my IMAC. I did learn something new from creating this gif which did help me to produce my other gifs that I am using in my moving image. Therefore making this gif has helped me in some way as I was then able to do my moving image with ease as I knew what to do however this doesn’t fit with the rest of my moving image now that my idea has changed.


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