What does rebellion mean to me? | Update

Unit 6 is my final major project which gives the chance to show a contrast in my past work to now. At this point in time I have come to the realisation that rebellion to me means working digitally as normally I stay quite safe and work traditionally and then take my work digital which is only minor edits because of this I decided that my project is going to be based around digital illustration at first to me I had the idea of following the way Helen Green works which is when you see it you know the drawing is Bowie using correct skin colours, hair etc. I have done this with my first drawing of Aladdin Sane nonetheless I found that working so accurately doesn’t make me interested in what I’m doing to solve this problem I decided i was drawing Labryinth next therefore I could have fun with it I especially imagined the hair being colourful and because of this once I moved on started doing this colourful I then wanted to also mix back with traditional and I did but when the image was scanned and zoomed in on Photoshop it just didn’t look professional therefore I went back to working completely digital.

In conclusion rebellion means working out of my comfort zone and doing something which I have never done before working fully with digital software and not coming out of it up to now is a task however my outcomes are of a good standard I am also learning throughout using the software therefore developing my skills further. Throughout doing this I have realised just how hard I think it is to draw digitally but this is because I have never done it before but also how much more efficient it can be to work completely digital as you have more of a clean cut outcome.

Along with the theme of my project I still want to stick in someway to the way I work which I feel is quite messy, colourful however stripped back at the end this is however working differently up to now as normally I work with mixed media and I haven’t but that doesn’t mean my outcomes still dont resemble how I work because that is a crucial part of my FMP although I’m rebelling I want to still show I can work with colour and I can be diverse too as it only helps me further and widens my skills for the future.


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