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This week I have been using Photoshop in order to develop my final pieces I have done three drawings which are all different from each other. The purpose of this was so I had a variety of final pieces. The first drawing I did was Aladdin Sane. This was by far the hardest drawing I did as from past work I don’t normally work precisely I normally use a lot of colour and I also work with mixed media which is quite messy. I rebelled against the way I work completely for this drawing to be done as I drew digitally and used the eye drop tool throughout the whole of this drawing to make sure every colour was precise. The purpose of working this way was to see if I could push myself to work differently and see if this had a positive outcome. I independently worked on this therefore learnt more about Photoshop as a software as I used a wacom tablet to produce my final piece. I did this for the reason that when working it helped me to be more precise as well as work quicker as from past experience using a mouse to draw digitally is a hard task which takes up a lot of time and as its FMP this isn’t what I need. Using a wacom tablet improves my work flow and also gives me more effective outcomes therefore I can justify using it. Even though this drawing took a lot of time and being critical of the piece its not perfect. This has opened my eyes to working in a different way and has also highlighted to me that I can work independently even though I’ve never done something and produce a piece of work.

From working and being precise I have realised this isn’t my favourite thing to do therefore the next drawing I decided to do I wanted to be more colourful and show the way I work. Although I was going back to the way I’ve worked in the past I was doing this differently as I was still being digital. Even though this wasn’t my planned intention it happened in the end. At first my plan was to work both traditionally and digitally however from working traditionally to fill in the face with triangles when uploading this into photoshop it didn’t go to plan I could see easily where colours had bled into each other and this also made it more awkward to work digitally again. From not being able to get rid of this I realised that I did say in my brief I was going to work digitally to rebel against myself therefore thats what I should stick to doing because of this I used the polygon lasso tool in order to create triangles I stuck to also working with the colours I had previously used as from looking at it this worked well I have a mix of bold and soft colours and I knew already that this outcome would most likely lead on to my moving image being done as I had an idea to produce multiple Gifs which I could then show on my IMAC for exhibition. From creating this outcome being critical about it I could have showed more dimension within the face especially the nose area is what I see most however its not a massive issue if I was going to print this off and mount it to a board then I would develop it further and add more dimension or maybe a shadow to it to make it look more shaped. I didn’t do this as I decided to save the outcome as I can come back to it when I do moving image.

My third drawing I rebelled even further. I changed the way I did this as I worked fully digitally this was in contrast to my first two drawings as I drew them traditionally before developing them digitally in Photoshop. I realised throughout doing this drawing I enjoyed it. I used a reference picture which gave me my outlines. In the beginning I wanted to use colour but throughout completing this I really thought that the black and white was effective therefore I carried on with it. To the way I normally worked this piece is the most rebellious and fit to my  brief perfectly as nothing was done traditionally for this to be completed. From using the wacom tablet I further about using the flow tool because I applied different amounts of pressure to my pen to make sure lines for areas on the face such as wrinkles to be there but not be as harsh as other areas because this wouldn’t look right. I independently learnt how to do shadows I didn’t do much of this but it added slightly more depth and developed my image for the better I did this by created a new layer and using the soft brush tool with black at 50% opacity to apply onto the face this was still harsh however using the eraser tool at 20% opacity allowed me to get rid of some of the harshness without erasing it fully I preferred doing this from just applying a brush at an opacity because I could add back easier and the eraser also just made the shadow look smoother than when I applied it at first. Overall this is my favourite final outcome I want to use this for one of my pieces to be mounted onto my board however I’m not sure which of my final images I should print bigger than the others. As I wasn’t certain I conducted a survey to ask what one of my three final outcomes should be printed A2 compared to the other which will be A3. Collecting the results at this point in time My last drawing is the one which I will send off to print A2 this is Bowie at this point in time I agree with my survey as this is the piece which looks most effective and professional therefore printing it bigger than the other outcomes means that my target audience will see it first and then look at the other outcomes. This is the best thing to do as its most noticeable along with this I also think because the image is just black and white printing it bigger is the best option as for example if I print Labryinth off A3 size that outcome is really colourful therefore it’s still noticeable and it won’t overshadow any other outcome.

To follow my Labryinth drawing I started my moving image I wanted these to be GIFS. I created the GIFS within Photoshop and then exported them so that I could place them all into After effects and develop further. I have done this however its not fully complete yet I am working for this to be done by next Monday(30th June) so that I have no problems in meeting my deadline. Up to now I have no problems in doing this as its minor editing what needs to be done and then placed onto Youtube to show my final piece.

I have also completed my album cover as I think my outcome was good but it wasn’t perfect I was hesitant about what I could use it for. Aladdin Sane is one of Bowie’s most popular characters. In my opinion I see this because of the lightning strike however other people may see it differently but in my eyes I think of David Bowie whenever I see someone with a lightning bolt on their face. From this I know that people coming to see the show whether young or old are most likely going to know who my project is about just from looking at this. I did the front and the back cover on Photoshop as this was the best software to use. I did however create the text in Illustrator I did this as  Illustrator should be used when creating flat graphics or typographic outcomes. As I was producing an album title Illustrator helped me to be effective with what I did. I wasn’t sure of the title I wanted to use my wacom tablet but I also wanted to use an already default text because I have used my wacom tablet for all of my project already I carried on. I did a page of writing each letter of davids name and then joined them to be critical of this it looked awful. I was thinking too much into the type being perfect and realised I should just write David on its own and then Bowie and changes can be made once I have done that. This worked so much more effectively and through a page of writing this I had my final text. I then copied this and pasted it into Photoshop as a smart object. This then allowed me to move the text around to see how I wanted it to be layed out. I used the marquee tool and guide to make sure that every other 2cm I would fill the area with the marquee tool and then use cmd+j too paste it into its own layer From this I could drag the layer out into a new document which was set at 12x12in as I did a vinyl outcome. I then printed this onto A3 paper and using a scalpel and a ruler I had to take some of the edges off and I then took the back side of the album at the bottom and top off so I just left a fold I did this for the top bottom and side of the back piece of my Vinyl cover. The front part of my album I took part of the bottom off. I then left to the top part as a fold so that I could use double sided tape to stick it down along with a thicker left side.  I also created a disk to go into the album I placed this within my mockup and it held well so when I printed off on thicker paper I knew that it wasn’t going to be too heavy to hold and it would fit well.

I am going to work on producing something which goes over the disk as up to now its just plain black and if anyone where to pull it out there would be nothing there I think as the album cover has a lot to look at I will just leave this quite plain with a simple design which should allow people to rest their eyes when looking at it.

I am going to produce one last piece as well as finishing off my moving image to meet my deadline next week I have to do this along with annotations and completing my evaluation to meet deadline.


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