Board | Set Up


With all my final pieces on the way to being complete I knew that I wanted a final A2 print as well as a final A3 print along with a plinth to be able to place my album cover on it.

I used paper which represents my A3 and my final A2 piece and began to change around where they where placed so I could find the best area for them. I did this because it makes it easier on show day to know where my final outcomes will be placed. I spend about 20 minutes trying different variations out even moving my plinth to the left so I could see how my board would look from that angle.


In the end I chose this as my final place for all my work to go this made sense as to the right of me no one is next to me along with being in the corner it opens up the space slightly and it won’t bother no one next to me therefore I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s space when it comes to  placing my plinth down because I’m not in anybody’s way. I will then place my IMAC within the hole in the board which will showcase my moving image and my stand will have my album cover on which people can interact with and pick up and look at throughout the show. The reason for my board looking like this is because it makes it easier for people to see nothing is too low or to high therefore there are no constraints against someone who may have a disability and therefore not be able to look up quite high or an adult may not see an outcome if its too low there for this placement is perfect to do for exhibition.


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