Bowie | Illustrator

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 16.00.20.png

I worked on Illustrator to complete my type for my album cover. I did this using a Wacom tablet as I wanted to have more of a written type than a bold type such as futura. In the beginning I did use Impact to write out David Bowie and see if I could make any manipulations over it however I didn’t like the way this worked since this didn’t go as well as expected I knew I wanted to experiment with using my wacom tablet to produce a type. With time constraints and it not even being with doing of creating a full alphabet I used illustrator so that I could use the brush tool in order to create David Bowie of my album cover.

I wrote out David Bowie over and over until I wrote it perfectly I then joined them both together and corrected any mistakes I had made and this was my type complete I didn’t take too much time up doing this as it looked effective therefore I saved my document for when I was ready to add the text into my album cover which I completed in Photoshop.

The reason for this type was so that I had something on the album cover which was more loose and was a contrast to the surrounding image around it. I gained knowledge of using the brush tool within illustrator to create type although I didn’t spend long on it I was able to see how the brush tool worked and even though I didn’t do much editing I still was able to produce an effective type overall.


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