Moving Image

I have completed another outcome which is my moving image. I completed another blog post about how this was done however this is my final outcome overall I am happy with the piece I have produced and think this goes well as I now have two black and white outcomes along with this outcome and my Album Cover. I am pleased with this outcome as it overall worked well in the end after fixing the mistakes I’d made. I still feel like some of the images move slightly but I have set guides up on my page to make sure every one of them is equal therefore I know that they are definitely equal to one another when watching I have noticed the with the colour changes it can be quite sudden as each gif starts from a different colour therefore I think this is the problem however I can’t change this. Being critical it would be better if it all flowed together however this would mean doing all of my screen recordings again and re-doing all of my moving image and at this stage I don’t have time to do it This isn’t a major problem as well as it couldn’t as smoothly with me changing from the face changing colour to the hair therefore when it the gif changes anyway theres already a difference.  Looking back over my final moving image the transitions are a lot smoother than before and fit better therefore this isn’t a massive problem and its fine to go up for exhibition.

I did this because I have made gifts within past work as well as this outcome to me was the one which showed work I’ve done in the past as it was colourful however it still related to my brief and rebelled because I did it all digitally. This piece is effective and eye catching meaning that this being played as a gif on exhibition day will be good for all audience members especially younger people as younger audiences seem to be drawn to things which use colour and this uses a lot of it.


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