BID Project | Music

When I first recorded my video as I was editing I thought that as there was a live singer at my event it would be a good idea to use her music over the video I did record her singing yet there was too much background noise to use as just a song and even […]

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BID Project | Music Choices

  I looked on Youtube at a channel called Audio Library – No Copyright Music they are verified and have a massive selection of music to choose from as I did afternoon tea the playlists relax related to me most I also looked into a chill playlist some of these where okay, however, some didn’t […]

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Ending | BID Project

  Throughout my project, I have seen how patterns are a major thing within Oh Me Oh My because of the way I decided to film my video I felt that it didn’t massively fit to put patterns in everywhere however, I did put one in quite subtly and its shown on the mat at the […]

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BID Project | After Effects

  Through working on this project I have used a software which I have used before but only to put a video together. I’m not experienced in After Effects as it is such a complex software I have found this project challenging but rewarding. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in After effects however from […]

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BID Project |Constraints

I Have recorded all of my footage for Oh Me Oh My however I can’t shoot the building outside in the way I would’ve wanted as the building is so big but the pathway is small and the road its by has a lot of traffic at all times of the day therefore  I have […]

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