BID Project | Basic Camera Movements


Tomorrow I go to record my promotional video I know in my head what the end product will look like however little tiny things make a difference. One of my ideas needs to consider camera movement therefore I watched this quick video on how to move a camera very basic but helpful as I got to see how I should move the camera in order to get the panning perfect.


BID Project | Oh Me Oh My


My business that I am working with Oh Me Oh My have asked if I would go in on Sunday to record their Secret Sessions for a promotional video. I did decide on doing afternoon tea however this project is about working with the company to make something they want and an option I had in the beginning was to do a secret session but they don’t hold them all the time therefore I wasn’t sure if in the time of doing my project that I could fulfil this idea.

The business have emailed me specifically telling me that they are going to make an extra roast dinner for me to shoot with therefore I have looked into a few videos on Youtube and Vimeo to get an idea an idea of the shot I would like to do or at least be able to have a few to work with,

Up to now I’m a little bit stressed in working this out as I can picture the way the video will look I’m just worried incase it doesn’t work out the way I want it to or it doesn’t look as professional as I would like.

10:00 pm After spending a little bit of time working out how to record the roast dinner I have sent an email on to Oh Me Oh My as the idea might not be what they want or it may obstruct other customers view depending on where it would be filmed hopefully my idea can work out as it seems to me it would work very effectively. However I should hopefully find out before Sunday if this would work for the company or not if it isn’t suited then I can move onto a different idea and put my full attention into producing that.

Board | Set Up


With all my final pieces on the way to being complete I knew that I wanted a final A2 print as well as a final A3 print along with a plinth to be able to place my album cover on it.

I used paper which represents my A3 and my final A2 piece and began to change around where they where placed so I could find the best area for them. I did this because it makes it easier on show day to know where my final outcomes will be placed. I spend about 20 minutes trying different variations out even moving my plinth to the left so I could see how my board would look from that angle.


In the end I chose this as my final place for all my work to go this made sense as to the right of me no one is next to me along with being in the corner it opens up the space slightly and it won’t bother no one next to me therefore I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s space when it comes to  placing my plinth down because I’m not in anybody’s way. I will then place my IMAC within the hole in the board which will showcase my moving image and my stand will have my album cover on which people can interact with and pick up and look at throughout the show. The reason for my board looking like this is because it makes it easier for people to see nothing is too low or to high therefore there are no constraints against someone who may have a disability and therefore not be able to look up quite high or an adult may not see an outcome if its too low there for this placement is perfect to do for exhibition.

What does rebellion mean to me? | Update

Unit 6 is my final major project which gives the chance to show a contrast in my past work to now. At this point in time I have come to the realisation that rebellion to me means working digitally as normally I stay quite safe and work traditionally and then take my work digital which is only minor edits because of this I decided that my project is going to be based around digital illustration at first to me I had the idea of following the way Helen Green works which is when you see it you know the drawing is Bowie using correct skin colours, hair etc. I have done this with my first drawing of Aladdin Sane nonetheless I found that working so accurately doesn’t make me interested in what I’m doing to solve this problem I decided i was drawing Labryinth next therefore I could have fun with it I especially imagined the hair being colourful and because of this once I moved on started doing this colourful I then wanted to also mix back with traditional and I did but when the image was scanned and zoomed in on Photoshop it just didn’t look professional therefore I went back to working completely digital.

In conclusion rebellion means working out of my comfort zone and doing something which I have never done before working fully with digital software and not coming out of it up to now is a task however my outcomes are of a good standard I am also learning throughout using the software therefore developing my skills further. Throughout doing this I have realised just how hard I think it is to draw digitally but this is because I have never done it before but also how much more efficient it can be to work completely digital as you have more of a clean cut outcome.

Along with the theme of my project I still want to stick in someway to the way I work which I feel is quite messy, colourful however stripped back at the end this is however working differently up to now as normally I work with mixed media and I haven’t but that doesn’t mean my outcomes still dont resemble how I work because that is a crucial part of my FMP although I’m rebelling I want to still show I can work with colour and I can be diverse too as it only helps me further and widens my skills for the future.

Help with Digitally drawing

This afternoon I have been working on digitally drawing David Bowie with the help of some artists and brushes which I downloaded I have completed the hair and using a brush which is already set in Photoshop I have completed the eyes. I now want to work on skin the thing is Photoshop just dont have the brushes already in there to start drawing skin because of this I googled skin brushes for photoshop I found a link which is above which gave me examples of the brushes I can download I downloaded these and have used a page in photoshop to just see how they work Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.24.03.png

From the page you can see the different types of brushes which can be used to complete my Bowie drawing I think I will most likely use these brushes for the Bowie drawing I am doing

 Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 22.28.50.png

I am going to start off with using these brushes as they seem the most basic and the foundation to creating skin I find that the other skin brushes are for detail such as freckles or skin imperfections which I’m not too worried about for now however this doesn’t mean I use them if I come to the point where I just dont think the skin looks right then I will try to incorporate them I am prepared tomorrow for things to go wrong with skin as I’ve never done it before its going to take time and precision to get right as from my realisation this is more time consuming than I thought and as I need them to be high standards of work I am not going to rush them but will take up more time to make them perfect however while doing this I have to make sure that I dont let other things be forgotten so this will most likely be done at home after this week or maybe next.

Developments | Matthew Street

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 09.20.04

Recently I began editing my images for my Liverpool brief. I decided to stick to traditional methods at first. To create this piece I used two Images one from the top of Liverpool Library and another from Matthew Street I cut them both out and stuck them down this was the outcome. I used the printer in order to change the colours of my outcome. I did one red and black and the other blue and black. I picked these colours as they represent Liverpool’s football teams.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.32.44

I then took this into Photoshop giving me this outcome I wanted to have it as if it was in strips of colour so this is what I decided to do.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.48.30

This is my outcome inverted. Although I didn’t want to do this I decided to see what it would look like. I think it looks good but doesn’t look professional and this wouldn’t show someone especially through a billboard that this was anything to do with Liverpool. It would have to be worked out and thats not what I want my outcomes to be like they have to be noticeable with a quick reaction of knowing what the billboard is promoting as most billboards are seen by people driving cars.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.31.43

However, I used the guide tool so that I could make each strip equal this meant that my final outcome was going to have both blue and red. This worked out quite well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.35.55

The bottom corner of the people walking holding hands seemed to dull to me and I wanted people to see my outcome feeling welcomed to Liverpool. Because of this I used the marquee tool and took some of the original image. I then used the eraser in order to erase any unwanted parts. To finish this I lowered the opacity to 80% as I wanted this to be a noticeable area but after you have seen the Matthew Street sign.

From this screenshot you can also see how I have made sure I know which parts of my image are red and which part are blue. I did this simply by selecting each layer and right clicking and highlighting them the colour which I had changed them too. This made it easier for me to re-do a layer or move it to fit the page better.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.54.07.png

Once this was done I used the brush tool setting it to soft light and choosing red I covered half of the Matthew Street sign in red and half in Blue this was a slight tint to the original and made the final outcome brighter and more noticeable to people seeing it.

I have decided that this is going to be one of my outcomes for my final piece to develop further I am going to place this onto a billboard so I can see if will look professional or not. I hope that this outcome works as it’s my strongest piece up to now and if it places onto a billboard well this will make the final outcome look even more effective than just placed onto a page.

FMP Images | Portfolio

These where some of the images which I took in the studio in order to place on my FMP pages. I used a digital camera and placed the lighting above my book. I then took them into Adobe Photoshop and used Levels or Auto Tone to take the slight yellowness from the lights out and have a clear white outcome. In the end I only used three of the images. These where my  Karl Lagerfeld quote, Chanel page and Karl Lagerfeld,  Dianne von Furstenberg. This was to show a variation of my work throughout the book without having it physically in your hand to look through.