UAL | Changes | Portfolio

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I checked my  emails today and noticed I have received an email from UAL this was an email telling me they want me to submit my portfolio digitally they have given me a website to do this on alone with a unique code I am going to work on sending them this once I have fully complete unit 33 and 45 so I can focus on that. The deadline is 29th January because of this I am going to work on sending it off by the end of next week so work doesn’t add up and I end up forgetting about this.

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As well as this UAL have sent me an email saying that their course has changed this was telling me the changes to the course I am still interested in the course as it still sounds good. The email says I would be studying things like language and landscape of graphic communication and also work collectively. In the second year I will study collaborative working within an area of my choice along with co-designing the curriculum for year 3. In the third year I will work on problem solving and problem setting focusing on depth of knowledge working in a studio and bringing both studio and writing together.

As for any other emails I havent received any and no changes to my UCAS. I am going to work on sending my portfolio next week as the sooner the better.


Evaluation | Unit 10

To begin unit 10 we had to do research this consisted of using UCAS to  look into university courses and deciding what was right for me I decided on looking into going away as its an option I would always consider. In the end I had five choices these where: Hugh Baird, Manchester Metropolitan, University of Arts London, John Moores and Leeds College of art. I picked these as my five choices because they all study mostly the same thing along with other areas that I haven’t yet come across that I’m particularly interested in. I also decided after doing thorough research that studying at home would be more suitable for me however having two choices away meant hopefully one of them will accept me and then I can go to the interview and gain an understanding to what living away would be like and if I felt the surroundings would be right for me

To back the reasons for my choices up I looked into work which students have produced as well as researching  the teachers and seeing their work has given me an insight to how they would like me to produce work and what they could do if they taught me. I have used my Unit 10 file in order to place all of the information in especially my five choices along with this I used my blog so that I could also evaluate my work on there. This was helpful to do as finding work mostly came around from the internet so it was easy to screenshot and evaluate fully why I liked it.

I then moved onto doing my physical portfolio, I had to look into types of layout which I liked to produce my physical pages this meant finding a style which suited me, taking it on to help o co-operate with my work to make it look more professional. I did this from using Behance I looked at different examples of Layout I took into consideration the way I work which many of my pieces have a lot of colour From this I knew I needed to keep the layout simple such as only one to two colours on the page so the background didn’t overshadow my work.

 While developing my portfolio pages I have learnt about using grids within Photoshop this has helped me keep all of my work aligned, neat and still have a border around the outside even if it was just a white page I used to keep white space on my page almost as if your eyes can relax looking at it even though there is a large amount of colour on the page. The fonts I used for each page where different as well as my layout creating awareness that when turning a page your going onto a different project.

I have did my ten sleeves to the best of my abilities using the best work I have. Along with using existing work I also created monograms which I have decided to put into my portfolio as during my next individual project I want to use the monogram in order to create packaging design. The focus for my packaging is going to be colour so I can have a clean cut outcome which will show a wider variation within my work and highlight I can work independently to produce a variation of outcomes and it doesn’t always have to include mixed media.

I have placed my monogram on the last page of my portfolio I did this by downloading a template of  business cards I want to add to my portfolio to make sure I have a clean cut outcome in there and once my individual project is done will be added into my portfolio. However for now this isn’t completed but a work in progress I am going to aim to have sketches in this project along with simple coloured outcomes for a different outlook on the way I can work.

Even though  I have an interview on the 20th January this still shouldn’t be a massive problem even though my works not completed I can talk about creating the business card and using a template to see if my monogram is effective to progress with as well including what I will be doing in my future project and how I am going to add it into my portfolio from creating this business card.

My front cover came about during the end of completing my pages I wanted to make sure I included mixed media on the page as this is one of my strongest areas in Graphic Design because of this I traditionally made a pattern and used Illustrator to manipulate and then add it back into Photoshop where I have finalised the editing and placed it on the right side of my portfolio page. On the left side I wanted to make sure I got the point across that I have a clean cut to my work I kept this simple by using sharpie markers placing them evenly and taking a photograph which I then edited in Photoshop to bring back light and shine finally adding it to my front cover. The most important part was also showing me within my front cover not work wise but personality or feature. I have a lot of hair and its what people notice about me when they first see me. I knew throughout doing the project I somehow wanted my hair to be a texture amongst my front cover but I came up with a better idea. Using the scanner with the help of Bart and Izzy I was able to scan my hair I then opened this image up in photoshop and used the free transform tool to spread it across the page to work around. I changed my hair colour by creating a new layer and changing it to colour and using different colours to add into my hair. For me personally I think this is a strong piece because people will know who’s portfolio it is from the front cover and I think its effective because its intriguing not many people will have there hair as there front cover for their portfolio.

The third task we had to was UCAS this consisted of working throughout UCAS online putting in personal information, Education for example what GCSE results I  have and current education as well as this I had to write a personal statement this was hard as we had to have 47 lines of text. At first this seemed like a lot to have to write about myself but in the end I ended up with 70 lines. This was because I followed a structure basing of an introduction, Research, study skills, Extra curricular, and Future.

Using this structure was effective to follow especially when showing my skills in a positive light as well as this I researched into my universities and circled what they all study so I was able to write this in my research I shown this in my unit 10 file as I used sticky notes to understand what each university studied. To further develop my knowledge about the universities I also took words from Manchester Metropolitan and University of Arts London’s websites as including this within my personal statement to show knowledge, understanding and research about the course

When writing the projects I had done I also included a project which I want to study in the future I based this on history as I feel as a Graphic Designer its important to get serious messages and feelings across within your work. Furthermore I haven’t done any extra curricular because of this I wrote about work experience or jobs I am in. From this I have explained what skills they have gave me such as working under pressure to have to have food out by a certain time and be quick thinking. To conclude my personal statement I talked about the future what I want to gain from university such as becoming more independent and deepening my knowledge further about Graphic Design. My personal statement took me five times to write as I wanted it to be perfect and show universities my skills and my personality in the best light. Overall I am happy with my personal statement as I was able to say what I’m good at and how I’m going to improve. When uploading this to UCAS at first I had 60 lines on microsoft word and only 50 only UCAS this was good as I didnt have to delete much. Deleting a sentence or two which wasn’t the most important piece of information helped me to complete my UCAS at 47 lines and be able to send off my UCAS which had no problems. All that there is to do now is wait for replays from my chosen universities and in the future decide where I want to study for higher education.

To complete this project I have used wordpress where I have made a category called Unit 10: Portfolio and throughout used this to show any research or changes to my work. I also have a vimeo which doesn’t have any work from this year on but during my moving image project I am going to use this to showcase my work at a higher professional standard.

 During the start of this project I first set up a Behance so I was able to upload my portfolio digitally as I was completing it instead of all at once. I have also created a flickr where I will show any photography or illustrations I have done to get my work to a wider audience

As well as this I also have a Pinterest where I take inspiration and pin work which I like or is going to help me for a particular project. Lastly I have created a tumblr so I can look at other work and put this onto my tumblr blog.

Lastly, last Wednesday I was able to have a mock interview with a woman from John Moores university I didnt have my physical portfolio but was able to understand the situation of an interview I now understand that there not as bad as I thought the interviewer just wants to know more about me and my interests. I have also taken on board not to be afraid of asking them questions it could be about the course or it could be personal such as “Whats the best thing thats happened to you this year?” This highlights interest and lets the interviewer know your interested in them helping you to seem more of an interested student to them.

In conclusion this brief has opened my eyes to the opportunities I have not only in Liverpool but different city’s I think I have also progresses as a Graphic Designer learning new skills in Photoshop and have noticed even though I have simple layout it looks good within my work. I am happy overall with my five choices and look forward to hearing back from each choice and still using my blog and my file to update on my decisions or feedback from universities.

LJMU | Research

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.05.29Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.05.25Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.06.06

From applying to John Moores I looked into the work what students have produced. The first I looked at was Emily Bannister who is an art director for caterpillar books, Looking at some of her work its simple but clever the second screenshot is a front cover to a book I really like this as from the front cover I know along the lines of what the story will be.

I have then found Michael Bennett, He had a lot of work up but particular I liked the third screenshot. I love how he’s brought both traditional and digital work together at the side he has shown his design process for his typography and his final outcome. This is one of my favourite pieces I have found as the use of colour fits well together and the illustration is clever.

I then found Christopher Nixon from what I seen I would say he specialises in web design However I couldn’t find a lot of work the work that I did find had clean outcomes and I think mostly done digitally.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.07.37Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 22.09.19

From completing this research I can now see John Moores obviously have a variation of techniques which you can use to produce outcomes. I think all of this work is effective and backs my decision of applying to John Moores as their work is effective an I will progress further and have effective outcomes with my work if I stick to keeping traditional methods in my Graphic Design work.

Portfolio | Feedback

I presented my portfolio to the class on Wednesday to get feedback. This was to see what they liked, what they thought my strengths where and if they had any improvements for me.

From mostly all of the class everyone said that I was confident in presenting my portfolio and had a good explanation for my pieces. My layout was good and clean. Leah also suggested for me to make the pages bigger which is a good point to take on the reason for this was because I used my blog and not my Behance of physical portfolio as I haven’t got the pieces printed off yet. I’m happy that she suggested this however as next time doing a presentation I will make sure I do it off Behance or another site which shows my work so that its a bigger and clearer to see. My personal strengths that where mostly mentioned where fashion design, experimental and layout. My professional strengths mostly shown as a Fashion designer or a Graphic designer within my feedback.  My specialist strengths where quite varied Photoshop came up more than once but I had comments such as ‘strong sense of colours.’typography, fashion, mixed media.’  There was also feedback for other feedback from the class some of the comments where: “good presentation, you explained your thoughts and design processes clearly.” ” well done, could write a little bit more on pieces.” “Well done, Great portfolio.”

Overall, I am happy with my portfolio up to now and will take all of the comments on board especially to do my final pieces as writing more annotations will allow the reader to have more information on what I’ve done. I will do this but I still want my work to be the highlight and not my annotations as my work is the most important along with secondly having clear, relevant information to explain my work.

Mock Interview

On Wednesday I  had a mock interview with a woman who was from John Moores University. She didn’t have a specialist subject but knows the questions which you are most likely going to be asked for your subject.

Doing this she first introduced herself, I then followed  by introducing myself with her asking what I do in my spare time this is to help relax into the interview to make the rest a little more easy going. I answered these questions and had following questions such as: Why did you become interested in Graphic Design? What has been the best thing you have done on your current course? Why are your right for our university?

All of these I gave different, confident answers that I knew wouldn’t only  show my skills with working but also shown my personality for example when being asked what is the best project you’ve done to date I said: ‘Up to now the best project to date I have done is Art Direction this was a collaborative project I did with another Graphic Designer and a photographer from class I was able to watch how they work such as from Bart watching how he edits in Photoshop and learn so I can then independently take his skills on into my work. Also working with a Photographer has helped me see how there is more to taking a picture than just capturing the image. I learnt to get the best quality images you need to have good lighting, composition and be able to communicate to express your ideas and be able to take on other peoples. I then carried on by saying I was good to the group because I was the one who wanted research to be done to be able to develop our ideas I was also organised and did the typography for our outcomes. I then said not just work wise but I have gained confidence where I feel ideas aren’t stupid they need to be said as they are good or they can be progressed further into something better.’

After the interview I got asked if I had any questions I asked ‘What am I going to gain from your university?’ She then answered this questions which then led on to her giving me feedback.

She said for the interview I seemed confident and had a clear idea of where I wanted to go after education and knew what I wanted to do in education and why it was good for me. She said my strongest points where getting across my personality and my Graphic Design skills as I was talking about how I’ve progressed personally and with my work.

The only point to improve on she said I worded being able to work individually to the point of where someone could take it on that I contradicted myself and that I can only work individually on my own. However she said the interview was strong and she didn’t see it as a massive weakness just to have a plan of what I will say about working individually so the university will see it as a strength.

From this interview I feel more confident having an idea of what an interviews going to be like. I feel more prepared for an interview and as I hadn’t planned what I was going to say in my mock went quite well. I have also taken out of the interview that they don’t want to make me feel nervous they want me to feel relaxed and know more about me personally rather than just my portfolio and my personal statement.

Front Cover | Portfolio

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 16.42.39

To do my front cover I decided to use my hair at first I used different colours to this I decided even though the first try was cool my hair should still have my hair colour in it so people know that its me because of this I created a new layer and changed it to colour so that I could paint over my hair again. This was the outcome I got and I liked it a lot better.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.06.07Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.02.26

I stuck to the idea of having a clean outcome on the left and patterns on the right I used guides in order to ensure that it was half way down the page. I used sharpie’s I chose bright colours because this represents I work using bright colour. To manipulate this image I opened a new file in Photoshop so I work on the image alone and didn’t mess any of the front cover I had already done. I started by increasing the brightness to +20. This did bring the brightness up but I wanted natural light to be shown more because of this I used curves to increase how bright it was

. This brought the natural light back into the image and you can already see from the pen lids. To make sure all the lids where aligned I turned on my grids from this I seen that the pink marker was slightly higher than the rest using the marquee tool to move it down this then become aligned with the other pens.

With this I flattened the image and dragged the layer into my portfolio file to edit further.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.08.10

When adding my file into my front cover I used the magic wand tool so that i could get rid of the background the screenshot above shows how i got rid of this easily.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.08.37

I then moved the pens and placed them differently amongst the page but decided I needed them to be horizontal on the page. Doing this I then had my outcome but this wasn’t what I imaged I did develop further as I thought with my pattern in on the right side this will most likely make more sense.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 17.29.58.png

Using this image I wanted to make a pattern to show my mixed media skills.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.14.58

I took this area and used the magic wand tool to get rid of the white background I then saved this as A JPEG and swapped from working in Photoshop to Illustrator to produce my pattern effectively.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.19.41

While in illustrator my idea was that the pattern would overlay slightly this wasn’t happening no matter what I tried. In the end I had made a pattern which messed up I started using this as a new template to create my own pattern joining areas together and getting rid of pieces gave me one pattern I then took this in Photoshop and used copy and paste in order to spread my design across the right side of my page as well as this I used to free transform tool to have a variation of sizes and also rotate the pattern so it didn’t look the same.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.33.22

This worked quite well and the outcome was effective however the left side still didn’t appeal to me. I stopped working on my pattern and went back into editing my pens. The reason I thought this wasn’t effective was because the pens where too close together I went back to doing photography and spaced the pens out slightly from each other.Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.54.10

I took about 10 images and chose the best one to work with here you can see my guides on to make sure all of the pens are aligned correctly I then used curves to naturally bring the brightness up tis brought the shine from the light hitting them back.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 17.54.51

I then used brightness and set it to 15 I was happy with this because it wasn’t overly edited and looked natural I then flattened the image and added it into my portfolio cover

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 18.01.14

Once adding this in I like this a lot better the only thing I want to add to complete my front cover is my monogram this cant be completed yet as the file is on the college computers but first thing Monday morning I am going to do this to complete the page and upload it to Behance.

I also added more of my patterns to fill the page more so it looked like it wasn’t just placed on the page but shown how I have made informed decisions to make the page effective by placing the patterns differently across the page show an effective outcome.

Up to now this is a really effective piece which I think gives people an insight to me and what type of work I like to do. This will be more effective once I have added my monogram in as I’m sticking to black or white. This will highlight on the front cover I can work traditionally with colour and use colour simply to have an effective outcome.