UAL | Changes | Portfolio

I checked my  emails today and noticed I have received an email from UAL this was an email telling me they want me to submit my portfolio digitally they have given me a website to do this on alone with a unique code I am going to work on sending them this once I have […]

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Evaluation | Upload VLE

The requirements of my brief meant that I had to upload my evaluation the VLE by the end of today. I have now completed my evaluation and the screenshots above show the steps I have took in order to submit my evaluation for grading.

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Evaluation | Unit 10

To begin unit 10 we had to do research this consisted of using UCAS to  look into university courses and deciding what was right for me I decided on looking into going away as its an option I would always consider. In the end I had five choices these where: Hugh Baird, Manchester Metropolitan, University […]

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LJMU | Research

From applying to John Moores I looked into the work what students have produced. The first I looked at was Emily Bannister who is an art director for caterpillar books, Looking at some of her work its simple but clever the second screenshot is a front cover to a book I really like this as […]

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Portfolio | Feedback

I presented my portfolio to the class on Wednesday to get feedback. This was to see what they liked, what they thought my strengths where and if they had any improvements for me. From mostly all of the class everyone said that I was confident in presenting my portfolio and had a good explanation for […]

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Mock Interview

On Wednesday I  had a mock interview with a woman who was from John Moores University. She didn’t have a specialist subject but knows the questions which you are most likely going to be asked for your subject. Doing this she first introduced herself, I then followed  by introducing myself with her asking what I […]

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Front Cover | Portfolio

To do my front cover I decided to use my hair at first I used different colours to this I decided even though the first try was cool my hair should still have my hair colour in it so people know that its me because of this I created a new layer and changed it […]

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