Unit 2 Photoshop Experiments.

This is another photoshop experiment which I did using the Toronto and New york skyline, I used the paint tool to paint over my scanned images in black, I then used the filter gallery and used glowing edges this then gave me my final pieces I then printed them off A3 for my sketchbook. Advertisements

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Unit 2 Final Piece.

This is my final piece which I have independantly done using two pieces of my work and merging them together using photoshop. For my final image I used the colour theme of yellow mainly, i then used Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink for splatting the paint onto the page and then adding water to bleed […]

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  In christie’s session I decided to take some of my traditional drawings and manipulate them, my first two screenshots I quite liked so I didn’t want to fully transform them because of this I used the filter gallery and picked filters what I liked.      The first screenshot shows the buildings fully black and […]

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Secondary Research Toronto Skyline.

 The most noticeable part of the Toronto skyline is the Toronto CN tower it is 181 stories and 553 metres high(1,815.4 ft)  it was built in 1976 and had a record for being the tallest free-standing structure for 34 until the  Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower was built in 2010. The CN tower is one of Canada’s biggest symbols. […]

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