Unit 2 Photoshop Experiments.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.30.00new york new skyline finalScreen Shot 2015-01-05 at 15.07.41Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 09.54.26This is another photoshop experiment which I did using the Toronto and New york skyline, I used the paint tool to paint over my scanned images in black, I then used the filter gallery and used glowing edges this then gave me my final pieces I then printed them off A3 for my sketchbook.


Unit 2 Final Piece.

final piece christie1

This is my final piece which I have independantly done using two pieces of my work and merging them together using photoshop. For my final image I used the colour theme of yellow mainly, i then used Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink for splatting the paint onto the page and then adding water to bleed the colours together, I still wanted both my pieces to be distinctive and be similar so you could tell that both of the pieces where separate to start with, This is the reason I have used different colour to fill in the New York skyline and left the Toronto skyline in yellow. To merge these two images together using photoshop I firstly set up my page so that it would print A2 (59.41cmx42.02) canvas size. I then used file open and found boy my images and imported them I then held shift and resized it so that it fit half the page. Once both my images where placed so it fit I used the patch tool to fill in white parts and also in the middle of my picture to start to make it look although it was one image. When I was happy with this I used the smudge tool to mix my image more once this was done I used the blur tool so the patch tool didn’t look as heavy I then saved this image as a JPEG and sent it to be printed off A2.


  In christie’s session I decided to take some of my traditional drawings and manipulate them, my first two screenshots I quite liked so I didn’t want to fully transform them because of this I used the filter gallery and picked filters what I liked.     

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 14.04.15The first screenshot shows the buildings fully black and outlines in light and the sky lit up I liked this because when you think of New York you think of lights and this filter related to that.Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 14.06.30

My second screenshot I used the filter gallery again because the original was just black buildings and a sunset I liked the way that this edited because the sky was vivid yet the buildings where still bold.Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 13.55.53

For my third screenshot all I did was open the image into photoshop and use the paint tool to make the buildings the darkest black I could get them (CMYK: C75 M68 Y67 K90) I liked the original it just needed to be made darker.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 14.12.50To show development I also used the filter gallery to create a random detailed  image and this was my final piece although it isn’t visible on a screenshot some of the detail I had to add in because of this in some areas of the picture you can see where i have added in, if i was to do this again would’ve edited my photo first and then flattened the image so when the filter was added it all fitted in and you couldn’t tell the parts I have edited in.

Secondary Research Toronto Skyline.

 The most noticeable part of the Toronto skyline is the Toronto CN tower it is 181 stories and 553 metres high(1,815.4 ft)  it was built in 1976 and had a record for being the tallest free-standing structure for 34 until the  Burj Khalifa and Canton Tower was built in 2010. The CN tower is one of Canada’s biggest symbols.

CN stands for Canada’s National this is because it was built on former railway lands by the former railway owners, but in 1995 transferred the tower to the Canada Lands Company, a company which did real estate development. 

FOUNDATION: The base of the tower floats on bedrock more than 12 metres below ground. The tower is stable because it is so massive and heavy and its centre of gravity is low — less than 61 metres from the ground.

Construction of the CN tower began February 6th 1973 the anchors were built to last at least 300 years and so that the structure of the building couldn’t fall down but had to be taken down for example if there was corruption and there was no engineering solution to it the building would have to be taken down, the reason for this is the architect said would take a 1,600 km/H  to make the tower come down 

I found an image on google images of the Toronto skyline showing the difference from 1998-2012 you can swipe across the image and it shows you the difference and how you can see what construction has taken place over Toronto skyline 1998-2012.

Secondary Research: Construction Freedom Tower

Construction of the freedom tower started to take place in 2006 with it finishing in 2014 taking 26,000 people to complete the complex and 8 years to build. With the cost of construction estimated at around3.8 billion dollars making it the most expensive building in the world.

With the base of the tower 186 feet tall it’s also  200 feet by 200 feet, the top of the tower is 145 feet by 145 feet.The shaft of the tower is 1,182 feet tall, the glass prisms at the base is 13 feet tall. The floor space around the building is 2,600,000 square feet. The building tapers inward at an angle of 3.8 degrees. The chamfers taper outward at the same angle, resulting in a 16-foot overhang. The building is 1,776 feet above the city

The height to the roof is 1,368 feet, the same height as one of the world trade centers. but there is a spire which has been added to the top of the building which Sculptor Kenneth Snelson built. As for the person that Designed the freedom tower it self  David M. Childs of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. The freedom tower is a 104 story building.

The first thing that was installed the freedom tower was a 30 foot steal beam which public where invited to sign this was welded onto the buildings base on December 19th 2006. 

Many people would have worried about safety after 911, I took this information from the world trade centre website:  One WTC incorporates advanced life-safety systems that exceed New York City building code requirements. From structural redundancy to dense fireproofing to biochemical filters, it creates a new standard for high-rise buildings. Extra-wide pressurized stairs, multiple backups on emergency lighting, and concrete protection for all sprinklers ensure optimal firefighter access. Exits are designed to ensure easy evacuation, and all safety systems are encased in the core wall, with the enhanced elevators.  

Before the final idea for the freedom tower was planned there where many ideas planned my two favourites are.

This was a design by London-based architects Foster + partners design sought to evoke memory and rebirth. Two crystalline towers, comprised of stacked triangular designs, met at three points, creating what the architects called a “kiss,” but also emergency escape routes for public areas of the tower their design also employed a multi-layered skin that provided natural ventilation with a cluster of trees planted in the atrium to cleanse the air and symbolize life
.911-United_Architects_1-537x365 United Architects’ design fused five towers that joined to form a cathedral like enclosure over an outdoor public promenade. Seventy five feet below street level, the project created a viewing point, asking visitors to look up at the sky, rather than looking down at the holes which once held the original building’s foundations — a symbol of optimism and peace.
To also develop my research I have used Pinterest the board Urban landascapes helped my development for ideas in what to create to show development for my work, or give me new techniques to try and use, also how one technique can be used in different ways.
 Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 22.12.31