T-Shirts in Illustrator

I found two videos on youtube on how to make T-shirts in Adobe Illustrator both where helpful and had different ways to create t-shirts, I will use the first video as help to make a type T-shirt design. For the second video I will use it when doing a vector of an illustration I have […]

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Hayden Williams

For this project I have been looking at many different fashion artists, I love Hayden Williams’ illustrations they’re all bold and eye catching, even if the illustration is just black and white the drawing is still bold and just as good as one with colour in, His drawings are elegant and traditional with his own […]

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Very Advert

I found a youtube advert about very I found this important to include in my research it’s not long but shows off T-shirts and patterns, This will help me as it shows me whats in style for this season,.

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Pattern & Decoration

I have found an art movement called Pattern and Decoration which I really like as its unique and I want to create fabric print T-shirts, The picture below is an example of one of the pictures I found on Pinterest, After I’d researched ‘art movements following fabric patterns’ I went onto wikipedia and read briefly […]

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Fendi & Marc Jacobs

On instagram I found some fashion designers but Marc Jacobs and Fendi where the two that stood up I youtubed them to see what work came up, I linked the two videos into this blog to show you what I watched, I found these two videos helpful I especially liked Fendi because of the patterns and colours […]

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ELLE magazine

Today I bought ELLE magazine in order to help me with research, I looked through the magazine and found many different examples of patterns on different types of clothes, Although some of these images aren’t of T-shirts I think the pattern or colour could go well on a T-shirt.

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London Fashion Week: Street Style

I looked at different images I focused a lot on colours to see what was in fashion for spring. The first image the colours the woman is wearing is Strawberry Ice and white. Black and white stripes where also something I seen in images while looking at London Fashion Week. On T-shirts many women were wearing Toasted […]

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