Unit 33 & 45 | Evaluation

My project brief says that I have to submit my evaluation on the VLE by friday the 15th January at 9am. I have successfully met this deadline and uploaded my evaluation to the VLE the screenshots above show the steps I have taken to complete meeting this deadline. Advertisements

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Final Billboards

These are my two final outcomes for my Liverpool promotion brief as you can see I have added these onto Billboards to show how they would look in real life. Both of these images are innovative and effective and promote Liverpool in different ways. The first image is aimed at the target audience of people […]

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Final Outcome | Steps

         The first screenshot shows my layers panel in Photoshop by clicking the green layer I was able to open a new file where I could add my image this meant when adding my image all I had to do was stretch it once I saved this I could see it placed on the billboard. […]

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Mister Koppa vs David Hockney

My first image is showing one of the ways David Hockney creates his photomontages. The second image is Mister Koppa’s way of creating photomontages. Both of these are highly different from each other but still effective as thats there style of work and both have messages what they want to portray differently from each other. […]

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Mister Koppa | Photomontages

Mister Koppa is an American based artist who works with photo montages I really like his work as its highly creative and in comparison to David Hocknery completely different his is more imaginative and unrealistic but this is what I like about how he works. The two images above are just examples of how he […]

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The Beatles | Developments

This was an image i did using photoshop by creating a photo merge I developed this traditionally when I printed it I added The Beatles faces onto the page but to make this more original I mixed the faces up I then added the Mathew Street sign. I wasn’t sure how I was going to […]

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