Motion Drawing | Wolf

Today I decided to look at how to draw mythical creatures. I found a video showing how to draw an in motion drawing of a wolf running I drew this in my sketchbook.


This is my first attempt at drawing a wold in motion. I liked doing this as it has shown me how media is traditionally used and can then be taken digitally to enhance and make the motion drawing an animation.

I then went to pixar’s website and found a website which I found interesting on how the characters are created in the films.

This was helpful to watch as I could see how many concepts are done in order to get a final character design to then be animated digitally, I think this  fits in with my project as I can see how media processes are used to convey ideas. This helped me understand how the drawings can be done (Writing a character description and drawing hundreds of drawings which the director then took and picked around 10 to be developed further to then finally end with one design.)

To see how the message was going to be conveyed I watched another video about colour scripts. Here the artist explained how he creates a mood board of the full movie with little detail but this helps show the colours which are going to be used helping expand ideas on how the character will be seen. Although the video doesn’t show the character getting any colour or detail added to it, The video lets me see how the characters are most likely to be done also; For example colours for a certain character may be picked on their personality and what scenes there in to fit the final outcome.


Christopher Lovell

While on Pinterest I was looking at mythical creatures as I wanted inspiration for my unit 1 and 4 project I found a picture which also had an artist on this lead me to Christopher Lovell’s website he has a lot of different work based on mythical creatures and his work is proffessional this is some of his work:9fd10a1a0d3bd31a4b80ca04cc7966a3 28e296665cecf7e4894da0e3cb6ba520 f0fb095f9e331032eab1bbb94e2632e9This is just three pieces of his work I think that his type of work is aimed at adults from 16+ most of his work was black and white but he had some pieces which included colour I think he uses traditional media such as pencil and biro and then he takes his work digital, This relates to my brief as mythical creatures is.

The project it also shows the graphical outcome of his work by using digital software such as Adobe Photoshop to complete his work and enhance and define it more Christopher Lovell has also done artwork for T-shirts this also has a graphical outcome because his work would have been screen printed or heat pressed to get his designs transferred onto the T-shirt to then be sold.

Mythical Creatures | Research

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 15.21.01Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 15.20.02 Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 15.20.14I found a pin on Pinterest which was a long post on mythical creatures it showed where mythical creatures where from, and also had a sentence underneath explaining their powers. I pinned this in the board ‘Mythical Creatures’ where I pin other mythical creatures that I like for different reasons for example some could be traditionally drawn and I like how they have used a material, However most of what I have pinned is digital art but this may be because its on pinterest an online website.

Dragon Experimentation!

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.13.03

I drew a sketch of a dragon and then took a photo and opened it into photoshop I took the layer and changed it to multiply. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 20.54.52

I then added a new layer and used the paint brush tool to go round my drawing in black, I did this in a new layer so my original piece stayed the same I could also get rid of any errors and pencil marks if I used a separate layer. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 21.02.24I then used a new layer and used the paint bucket tool to fill in my drawing this was quick and easy and give me a simple outcome. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 21.20.04

I also duplicated my outline layer and added black inside the image and made a red outline, this was the outcome for the fire I used a gradient I don’t think this looks effective at all as it doesn’t look like fire but I added I didn’t edit any further as I didn’t like the image Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 21.24.37

I used the paint bucket tool again and used different shades of purple I did this by filling the dragon with complete purple and then using the colour picket to darken the purple slightly. Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 22.10.34 I then found a video on youtube which helped me learn how to shade I started off by creating a new layer and using this to fill in the inside of the dragon I started off with the tail I filled this completely with light green and then made it darker.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 22.50.08 This is my image completely filled in and shaded.Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 23.31.40I then got rid of any unwanted areas on the outside and went around my shading to get it as perfect as I could. As I had also did this image in the same document as my other experiments i used the marquee tool to select all of the image and copy it into a new document. I then saved this as its own file in Photoshop.

green shading done

This is my image opened as a JPEG with no background. green shading with backgrounddoneTo experiment further I added a dark blue background and used the colour picker tool to use a blue which was slightly brighter I then used the star brush and added stars, I also made the brush to size 300 and added a moon I like this brush as on the outside it gave a glowing effect.

Considering this was my first time using photoshop to completely do an image and learning how to shade i think my outcome is professional I am going to show this piece of work in my sketchbook. This has helped me understand Adobe Photoshop further and develop my skills in using the software