Feedback | Moving Image

     My deadline for presentation was the 22nd March. This meant all of moving image had to be shown in three clips at least and also in full. In order to make the presentation worth while I created feedback sheets this gave me an insight into if people understood my moving image separately and […]

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Screen too small? | Youtube

I recently finished my work in Photoshop and decided to move into After Effects and only do further work in there. I decided to upload my video to youtube incase there was any problems this was only a clip however its best to do it early rather than right at the end and realise theres […]

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Photoshop | Importing

This screen recording shows me learning in Photoshop how to correctly import my files into one document so that I can then create an animation this doesn’t show the ending as it took quite a bit of time to load all of the files onto this document however doing this worked once this was done […]

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Saving for Youtube

When working in After effects I had no idea as to what I should save my file like because of this this caused problem with uploading to youtube as my file was taking around 400 minutes to upload and this wasn’t even my full piece because of this I googled how to change the time […]

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Final Clip | How?

For my last clip I wanted to do the Ray-Bans sign along with my name as when its on youtube I want people to know who did it. The first part was easy I took the Ray – Bans logo  and traced this I then had to find what font Ray – Ban used which […]

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