Evaluation | Moving Image

Evaluation unit 48: Narrative Image Making. Unit 53: 2D Animation.

Firstly, my moving image project was the last big project before FMP this project was aimed for me to become more independent while working as well as learning a new software independently.  My brief required me to create a moving image which was at least a minute long and could be split into three clips as well as played together in full and flow together making sense.

To begin I had to research into 2D animation I have used my blog throughout this project and this is where I have showcased everything. From researching into 2D animation I have been able to learn things such as the mantic lamp was the first projector. The first step in animation however the Phenakistoscope was the first device developed for animation using a disk which had a series of images which where then drawn onto a radii. The images would be spun and viewed through a slit on the device this then creating a moving image to the eye of the viewer. This was only in 1831 animation was happening leading onto 1899 I want to talk about a crucial invention especially for my project stop motion. This was invented by Albert E.Smith and Stuart Blackton. This was done by using objects slowly to create a series of photographed frames. When playing the stop motion all at once it created an illusion that the frames are moving by itself because objects are being moved so slowly that this is almost like a film.

Going further into animation Disney created Live action and Animation combining these two together was a massive impact on the animation industry as films such as Mary Popping or Space Jam wouldn’t exist without them.

Another crucial impact on animation was Drawing straight onto film was another big impact on animation as this saved time and money and was also a quicker more effective way of producing animation.

The next piece of animation which is by far the biggest and most used animation today is CGI this came around in 1982 and became so used that in 2002 software was being developed one of the most commonly known was After Effects. CGI is computer graphic images this means that drawing no longer has to be traditional can be digitally developed this is seen through films such as Toy Story, Big Hero Six, How to Train Your Dragon etc. Pixar and Dreamwork’s are known for CGI however I do think there is a difference in quality both are good but Pixar’s quality is outstanding compared to Dreamwork’s this you can see especially in how to train your dragon and how to train your dragon 2. Even though they’ve developed the colour and detail being more crisp its not up to Pixar’s standard as in 20+ years CGI is going to develop even further. In terms of money Pixar have more by far this means there software can be updated more often and they most likely can afford to have software created to fit the purpose of the film they want to make for example the film Brave Merida’s curly hair had time spent on it so that ever curl was correct and fell and moved in the right way so it was natural. It took three years to get the final look of her hair and to show how much time goes into doing a scene where your using the hair as a main point of focus two months was spent on Merida’s hair being shown when she removes her hood.

The next part of research was to look into moving image examples which related to what I want to do I did this by looking at a campaign Ray – Bans done called Never Hide. This gave me examples of advertisements that have been done but also inspiration to what I could do for my moving image as well as this I used Vimeo to look at fashion animation where I came across videos such as Adidas creating a pair of shoes however the patterns where changing This gave me an idea that I could do this to a pair of Ray – Bans while someone was walking down a street. Another was film with typography placed over it. This gave me the inspiration to use photography which I did as Rhiannon wears Ray – Bans and a series of images are shown. The next part of research I had to find moving images which had a narrative along with this I had to find out why the narrative is so strong and does the music also make the narrative stronger the video I chose was Arctic Monkeys I wanna be yours. Throughout the video you can see both a man a woman dancing. I watched both with and without sound and sound clearly enhanced what the video was about. The video to me seemed that the man had a lot of passion and love for a woman he wanted but by the end of the video he’s becoming angry and then he finally leaves her which ends with her feeling sad. The animation is simplistic yet dramatic and this also highlighted to me that animation doesn’t have to be include massive detail to sell a narrative. Along with looking into this I looked at The Bear and The Hare advert which was for John Lewis’ christmas advert from my perspective in watching this stop motion animation I think the narrative behind the advert is small things make a difference the Bear has never seen christmas before and on Christmas day theres an open present of a clock he then finds animals around a tree to me this represents the animals are his family and time has been given to him as this is one of the best presents you can receive.

I then moved on to creating a timeline for my moving image at first I wanted to do rotoscoping and the idea was for the beginning to be someone walking along a street which would then lead on to them finding the glasses and putting them on and rotoscoping to begin from there after about 10 seconds of a black and white film colour would then be added along with the idea of art direction happening weird objects being included which don’t make sense yet they do from this I wanted them to fall down a hole where you can only see glasses and their outline with the ending to be them coming back into the real world and taking the glasses off with an end credit of a slogan such as ‘See life through Ray – Bans.’  However further into research I realised this wasn’t for me I scrapped this timeline and began a new one creating a timeline which now represents my actual moving image however it is slightly different as I will never stick to a guide if I feel something else is appropriate. The start was for 20 seconds of the pictures from magazines moving which then developed onto a focus for 5 seconds of one person and glasses changing almost like a gif further developing into a drawing and glasses moving over it and the ending to be a combination of everything I’ve used which will end with one person in Ray – Bans. I didn’t stick to this because ideas expanded from what I originally had and I they were more effective.

I created my moving image using images from magazines and using Ray-Bans which I cut out using a scalpel I then led on to using a drawing and again more Ray-Bans. After this I then used photography as an aspect within my moving image as this is something I am good at Rhiannon modelled for me wearing the Ray – Bans and did a selection of poses which I then manipulated in Photoshop and printed them off along with this I also created the Ray – Bans sign and added by Kayleigh. I kept the creation of my moving image completely traditional however once this was done moved into Photoshop where I developed the moving image to move.

Once I decided that it would be best for me to work in Photoshop as I know the software and stop motion animation ca be done in there a lot easier than it would if I did it in After Effects. However the only constraint was I had to do around 100 frames each document and then render my file as Photoshop cant take massive files. From this I decided I would then go into After Effects and put my moving image into one and also split it into three clips here where I could then do the final rendering where I would upload to youtube in 1080p ready for presentation.

As I had my ideas I started to work on the sound for my moving image deciding what song to use is important as it should enhance my moving image and as its an advertisement make it more interesting so people want to watch it and it also adds to my narrative. I had a few songs in mind such as Beastie Boys – Sabotage, Royal Blood – Figure It Out. However in the end used Sleigh Bells – Infinity Guitars. This linked well with my moving image and the narrative of selling Ray – Bans as its been used in Ray – Bans advertisements before. It seemed like the best thing to do as it links in to the theme of my moving image and can be further justified as the right sound because it syncs to my moving image well.  I decided that this was going to be my track for definite when I did my mini presentation to Izzy and Rhiannon the reason I chose Izzy was because she has done stop motion before and I chose Rhiannon as she does photography and fashion seems to be a strong point for her. I had done about 19 seconds of my moving  image when I did my mini presentation and asked them questions which helped me further develop my stop motion. The first question was What do you think the narrative behind my moving image is? I got showing fashion through stop motion animation and also To sell a product – Sunglasses/ Glasses. This meant I was on the right track as I don’t want people to fully know what my moving image is about 19 seconds in. The next question was Would you buy Ray – Bans after this advert? I got yes from both Rhiannon and Izzy. I asked this question because its key information as the point of my moving image is to sell Ray – Bans. I also asked for any improvements up to now with my moving image as its important for people to be critical with your work so its the best it can be Izzy said no and Rhiannon said the advertisement feels aimed at women so if I want to aim it at men work on that in the next parts of my moving image.  The next question I asked was what would you like to see further into my moving image? Both said Ray – Ban logo’s and even more stop motion!  This was good feedback for me as it means I’m on the right track.

To show my developments I mixed between screen recording and taking screenshots I uploaded the screen recordings to Youtube and screenshots to my blog where I have explained in detail about what I have done as I was used to photoshop I knew how some things worked such as being able to view my timeline and creating gifs but I had never done it at this level before the first part of my stop motion was done by clicking file > open clicking my first image and then ticking image sequence I then opened my file and this led onto my moving image being created not much to it I thought this is going to be easy! I was wrong during the next week of going into Photoshop with my work I realised this wasn’t working I had blank layers into my moving image and clearly it shouldn’t do this and deleting them to me seemed like a waste of time when there must be a way around it. With this happening I went to Youtube and finally found a tutorial where I was shown how to import my images to create a stop motion this was done by File > Scrips > Load files into stack from doing this I could select the images I wanted and click open this then gave me every file as a layer all I had to do to make these appear on the timeline was right click convert layers into frames I could then play my animation through and see how it looked from here I did minor edits such as change the time and reverse the frames as they would play back to front. I did this for every part of my moving image within photoshop as it was correct and rendered fine. Once I did around three parts of my moving image in Photoshop I moved into After Effects this was so I worked smoothly and at the end didn’t rush into After Effects to get work done and so I also knew the software a bit more. I also did this to make sure that my moving image was syncing together correctly along with the timing of movement fitting correctly to my moving image.

Once I had the first part of my moving image ready I uploaded it to Youtube noticing the problem of how long it took to upload. With it taking around 500 minutes to upload 28 seconds I was worried my moving image wouldn’t upload I knew this wasn’t right therefore looked into why it was taking so long once looking at my render settings I changed the video code to H.24 and the quality to 80 as well as the nitrate settings to 20400. I then double checked my render settings and made sure the size was art 1920×1080 this means my video will upload in high quality. Once I finished rendering I then uploaded to Youtube this fixed the problem and I did it with every other part of my moving image which I uploaded to Youtube and everything worked perfectly.

I now had my minute of stop motion done and split into three clips I created feedback sheets for my final presentation on Tuesday so my audience could give me feedback on my presentation I showed my three clips and my animation in full. After this my feedback was given to me.

The first question said what message do you get from the first clip? The answers I received varied from advertisement about sunglasses to fashion, promotional video and Ray – Bans. Not everyone had worked it out which I’m quite satisfied in saying because I want people to have ideas however not the full idea until the next clip.

The second question I asked was what message do you get from the second clip the answers where now mostly the same ‘Sunglasses advert.’ ‘Glasses.’ ‘Most likely Ray – Bans.’  My audience are now beginning to work out my advertisement and what its about even further.

The next question will determine if my moving image is now definitely making sense.

The third question was what message o you get from the third clip the answers I received where ‘Ray – Bans advertisement.’ ‘Showing how good Ray – Bans look.’ ‘Ray – Bans are fashion.’ My three clips have been successful as its not fully gave away what the advertisement is until the last clip but gave an insight to what is being sold as people are slowly working it out. Now that my three clips have been shown I moved onto showing my moving image in full.

The question I asked was does my moving image fit together as a whole? My feedback says ‘Yes it fits perfectly together.’ ‘Yes, Very creatively.’ and ‘Yes.’ This shows success for me as when working it shows I have took into consideration that the moving image can be played separately as well as flow together as one. I am happy with the feedback from this as this is something which I really wanted to work well especially now as advertisements arent just on TV they go onto social media such as Instagram where theres only 15 seconds maximum you can show Although this wouldn’t work for my first clip it would fit my second and third clip and I could also upload my fourth if I wanted to.

The narrative behind my moving image was to sell Ray – Bans through an advertisement. From asking this question I received feedback such as ‘Advert for Ray – Bans.’ and ‘Showing the styles of Ray – Bans.’ This feedback is pretty much perfect considering that is my narrative and I’ve got it across to my audience. This leaves me feeling confident that not only my class understand the concept of my moving image but other people will whether they watch the full advertisement or a clip.

Once I asked this I moved onto asking if the music linked and synced with my moving image? All of the answers I received back said yes and maybe added on fitted really well or fitted amazingly. I think that my moving image sound fitted well with my moving image however if I was to further ask them I would ask my audience if they would recommend any changed to the audio such as how its been placed timing wise or if they would use a completely different area of the song. However everyone said it fits well and I’m happy that no one thinks it doesn’t.

As my moving image is an advertisement I have to take into consideration target audience asking my class mates who they think my target audience is gives me an understanding on their insight compared to mine. My target audience is ‘Mainly girls but boys too.’ ‘teens and young adults.’ From this feedback I know that the target audience I had in mind is correct as I wanted to aim it at teenagers to young adults but also people who wear glasses. The feedback of Mainly girls but boys too is correct as I do think it sways more to a female audience however if I was to do my moving image again I have to understand that advertisement isn’t just about what I want to do and I have to take into consideration that it aims at everyone unless I’m selling an item that is for girls then that is the correct way to have my target audience but glasses are worn by everyone and not just girls to be critical of myself I have to make sure I take this into consideration if advertising again as its not good for Ray – Bans if they only aim their products at girls when men wear them also.

My last question before asking for any improvements was would you buy Ray – Bans after watching this advert. The answers I got where ‘Yes.’ ‘Probably they do seem awesome.’Yes as a video it really grabs my attention.’ My advertisement has definitely done the job of selling Ray – Bans well with all of the answers being yes apart from one saying ‘no but thats because they dont like names brands but they can see how the advertisement would appeal to people and persuade them to buy them.’ There’s nothing wrong with not having Ray – Bans because everyone likes different things however the person who said no has explained why and still said the advertisement would still persuade people into buying Ray – Bans just not them as an individual.

The last question was would you recommend any improvements? I received no a lot however some people did give me feedback such as making the stop motion smoother which is good feedback however to justify why its rough is because I think it fits the song as well as the point of advertising the glasses its different a lot of people sell things really smooth in the industry and I want it to be quirky and be remembered.  Another was for the stop motion to fade out instead of just stop which I am going to work on before deadline as this will improve my moving image because I also did think myself that it stop suddenly I just wasn’t certain but receiving this feedback has given me the knowledge to now make changes.

In conclusion this project has been one of the hardest in terms of having to learn a new software and also working in a software I know differently to than I have before this is the most independent I’ve been with working as I have watched tutorials and learnt myself how to do stop animation and had to just get into working rather than having concepts and being able to try them all because I had time I had to record every week in order for my project to meet the deadline which was a task however I am happy with the end result and out of all the projects I have done this has to be the most rewarding. However if I am to do moving image again I would like to challenge myself even further and only work in After Effects and maybe even do a more serious issue so that I have a different narrative that holds a message behind it.


Feedback | Moving Image


My deadline for presentation was the 22nd March. This meant all of moving image had to be shown in three clips at least and also in full. In order to make the presentation worth while I created feedback sheets this gave me an insight into if people understood my moving image separately and also if the music synced and linked to within my moving image.

The first three questions I asked where What message do you get from the first clip? What message do you get from the second clip? What message do you get from the third clip?The answers I received from the first question varied from a fashion advertisement, promotional video and something to do with glasses. These answers are right especially for showing one clip alone I didn’t want people to fully get what my advertisement was about as this keeps them interested in wanting to see whats next.

During the second clip is when my audience started to understand the concept of my moving image further as its shown in the answers such as ‘its about glasses.’ ‘Even more glasses.’ ‘advertising of sunglasses.’ ‘glasses advert.’ From these answers I can see how the message of a glasses advertisement is coming across but the brand isn’t this is good as it’s selling the glasses however you just don’t know the brand yet.

in the third clip the answers I received to the question What message do you get from the third clip? ‘Modern, fun, stylish.’ ‘The brand.’ ‘its about glasses.’ ‘I guess its an advert for glasses then haha.’ ‘Glasses advertisement.’  This now definitely shows the narrative behind my advertisement has come across as its shown through the answers. I’m not going to take the point of people not knowing its about Ray – Bans in a bad way because theres reasons behind that such as they dont wear glasses but I do and even if I dont see an advertisement I am the person that tries every pair of glasses on in the opticians so I know just about every glasses brand their could be.

One of the most important questions I had to ask was do people think my moving image fit together as a whole? The answers I collected was ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes! Quirky.’ and ‘Yes it makes a lot of sense and it works as an advertisement seems to be aimed at teenagers.’ Theres not much to comment on this as the answers explain. However I am happy that my moving image flows together nicely as this is what I wanted.

One of the biggest questions for me was people understanding the narrative now that I’d played my moving image in clips and also in full it made sense to ask what the narrative behind my moving image is. I got feedback such as ‘Advert for ray bans aimed at young people.’ ‘fun, creative brand.’ ‘advertising ray-ban glasses.’ ‘Promotional advertisement.’  and ‘Advertisement for ray – bans.’ This means my moving image is a success and people understand the narrative behind it. This is brilliant for me as I have been successful in selling Ray – Bans as a brand creatively yet make sense of it separately and together.

Another question I needed to ask was if the soundtrack linked / synced with the moving image? The answers I got for this where ‘Yes it works well. ‘Yes.’ ‘Yes as it was used by Ray  – Bans. Also with the music being jumpy it compliments the stop motion.’ ‘Yes! up beat linking to narrative & brand.’ Picking this track was a good decision as its already used in the Ray – Bans advert however I did have other songs which I thought would’ve gone well with my moving image however during my mini presentation both Izzy and Rhi said they liked this song it seemed like a safe option to take however made the most sense to do for advertising purposes.

Target audience is a big issue when it comes to advertising you have to make sure that your aiming it at the right people in my mind my advertisement does link to young people as I think Ray – Bans are mostly worn by the younger generation but I wanted to aim my advertisement at people who don’t have Ray – Bans and interest them in a creative way. From the answers I received ‘young individuals and people who wear glasses.’ My target audience is who I wanted it to be therefore the advertisement is correct and as everyone in my class are young id they get this point of view so will other people.

I asked the last question before improvements of would you buy Ray – Bans after watching this?  This is completely opinions and I wouldn’t take it critically if people didnt want to however the answers I received where mostly ‘Yes if I had the money.’ Another answer which was the only no was explained ‘I probably wouldn’t but thats just because I’m not a name person. but I can see it appealing to people and them being swayed into buying them.’  I’m glad that this was explained rather than just no as I appreciate everyones opinion and some people don’t like to fit in with fashion or trend they want to be different and thats fine because thats their choice. If everyone did wear Ray -Bans no one would know anything different which isn’t good so you need people to be different otherwise your brand isn’t unique.

The last question I asked was for any improvements because although presentations done theres still a week till deadline and this means I can fix any mistakes or improvements to hand in most answers asked for a smoother transition of images. Which I will work on however I feel the roughness fits well down to me as I dont work perfectly but this is something I can try out another was ‘more dogs with glasses.’ I will take this into consideration for next time as people obviously like weird and it stood out to them along with ‘try the advertisement with lyrics.’ I was going to use lyrics up until the end however I don’t think this fitted the way I wanted it to but now presentations done I can do this again and see if it does work out any better.’

To conclude my presentation overall went well and I’m happy with the piece I’ve produced as well as the feedback I’ve received people understand what my narrative was and that my moving image was promotional. I think if I was to do this moving image again I wouldn’t change much because I like the fact that its quirky and a little rough but if I am to do a piece of moving image again I would like to learn After Effects or Premiere Pro as this adds further to my knowledge in software even though I have learnt a lot more about Photoshop doing this piece of advertisement that I didn’t know before!

Screen too small? | Youtube

I recently finished my work in Photoshop and decided to move into After Effects and only do further work in there. I decided to upload my video to youtube incase there was any problems this was only a clip however its best to do it early rather than right at the end and realise theres a big mistake. From uploading you can see how the video doesn’t fit perfectly to the screen I don’t want this and need to correct this.

As I have done this I am going to explain the steps I took when checking my composition settings it wasn’t set at 1910×1080 I changed this and before rendering my video checked the final settings to make sure this was now correct. Along with this I also changed my settings so my video uploaded quicker which I wrote about in a past blog this was a problem for me as it was taking too long to upload now everything is almost ready and my final project is nearly completed.

Photoshop | Importing

This screen recording shows me learning in Photoshop how to correctly import my files into one document so that I can then create an animation this doesn’t show the ending as it took quite a bit of time to load all of the files onto this document however doing this worked once this was done I was then able to lead onto the next video.

The next video shows me opening my file and importing my files this was done by file > scripts > load files into stack. Once this was done this meant I could start to go further this is shown within another clip I produced for my moving image below.

This is the final part of editing in Photoshop before I save my file for After Effects. The screen recording above shows the simple manipulations I made to help the video further progress to become better.

Ray – Bans – Ending | Screen Recording

This is a screen recording i have produced to show how I have produced the last clip of my moving image all of the work up to now has been done in Photoshop. The first time I created my ending in photoshop I added too many frames and when deleting this gave my timeline blank layers which I didn’t want because of this I created a new file to import my animation in again along with the screen recording after this I changed the time and also reversed the frames just like I did in the first part. To finalise I set every frame at 0.2 and then rendered my file so I am ready to add it into After Effects for further editing.

Saving for Youtube

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.08.23

When working in After effects I had no idea as to what I should save my file like because of this this caused problem with uploading to youtube as my file was taking around 400 minutes to upload and this wasn’t even my full piece because of this I googled how to change the time it took to upload this showed me a way and has been a big help as its only took around 3 minutes to upload since.  The first thing I did was export and go to render my file however before I clicked render I checked the settings I had to change the video code to H.24 and the quality to 80 along with the bitrate settings to 20,400

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 19.09.29

This is a screenshot of the changes I made once this was done I clicked okay however I wasn’t done yet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.26.12

I went onto my render settings and checked that the size was set correct so that it uploaded to Youtube at 1080p the correct sizing was  1920×1080 which was already set on composition settings. Once this was done I rendered my video and then uploaded to Youtube

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 21.48.47

This is a screenshot of my file uploading to Youtube. This was my full advertisement completed the next stage was to split this into at least three clips and from what I have planned should work.