Board | Set Up

  With all my final pieces on the way to being complete I knew that I wanted a final A2 print as well as a final A3 print along with a plinth to be able to place my album cover on it. I used paper which represents my A3 and my final A2 piece and […]

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Fourth Bowie Drawing

This is my final Bowie drawing I could either do something completely different or do a new piece which follows the pattern of what I have done up to now. I decided that I wanted to create a new piece however follow the style of keeping it simple and only using black and white. I […]

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Drawing three | Bowie

I decided for my third drawing that I was going to draw completely digitally however I knew I had to use a reference otherwise the drawing most likely wouldn’t work out. I started off using a black outline in a new layer so it was separate from the picture. I did this to keep everything […]

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Moving Image

I have completed another outcome which is my moving image. I completed another blog post about how this was done however this is my final outcome overall I am happy with the piece I have produced and think this goes well as I now have two black and white outcomes along with this outcome and […]

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Making Gifs

I wanted to produce a series of gifs with my colourful Bowie drawing in order to have my piece of moving image ready to show on my IMAC for exhibition. I did this by using the Hue/Saturation tool and I put the adjust layer effect all layers below on. In order for just the hair […]

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Photography | Fail

I began editing my images of Bart I wanted to edit them so that I didn’t show all of his face or it looked quite hallucinatory. I started off by using the marquee tool and then using cmd j to copy this into a new layer I could then resize and moved around I could […]

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Bowie | Illustrator

I worked on Illustrator to complete my type for my album cover. I did this using a Wacom tablet as I wanted to have more of a written type than a bold type such as futura. In the beginning I did use Impact to write out David Bowie and see if I could make any […]

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