Personal Statement | Research

Lately I’ve been struggling to write my personal statement not knowing what to write; because of this I decided to look into the universities I am applying for write the subjects I studied down, Once this was done I have used a green pen to box the subjects that are going to come across on […]

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2nd 4th November | Plan

  This is the final week to complete all my work I have made a plan showing the work I am going to do in order to meet the deadline I have also planned the amount of time I am going to spend doing each task in red again so I know the amount of time […]

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Evaluation | Unit 18

Today I have been working on my evaluation I have uploaded a draft version so I am still able to re-submit tomorrow before deadline any changes. The reason for doing this is because it is apart of my brief to upload my evaluation to the VLE before Wednesday 4th November. Overall, I am pretty happy […]

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