Adobe Illustrator

cmd + shift + 4 = print screen

cmd+s = save

cmd+c = copy

alt= copy 

V-select tool

A- direct select

X- change colours


Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.06.18

To start off I opened illustrator and made the size to A4 and set my print to 4. Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.12.08

The pages opened so i could see 4 I then added different shapes using the shapes tool on the left hand side.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.15.21

I wanted to create a triangle so I double clicked the pentagon tool then clicked ‘3’

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.19.35

I wanted to bring one of my shapes forward to do this I right clicked went into arrange and clicked ‘bring to front’

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.35.13

I wanted to copy shapes did this by holding shift and dragging the shape which made an exact copy of the shape I wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.46.02Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.56.51

I picked my favourite page out of the 4 I created and made a new page I added my name using the text tool by selecting ‘t’ I then wanted to create a pattern, I went to object>pattern>make

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.59.40Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.08.15

 I the got an option panel I clicked on tile type Once I had found the one I wanted I then got an option box and clicked okay which gave me my final design.



Scanner work.

full colour

I created this picture by ripping pictures out of a magazine and sticking them down on the page to create a collage, i took this to the printer and then changed things about it for example i changed the colouring to black and blue to see what it would look like.

black and white I created this picture by putting my original collage into the scanner and selecting reverse this made it black and white i like the top half but the bottom is light greys if i could change anything I would want the bottom to stand out as much as the top.
blue and black
Out of all the pictures I made this one is my favourite I think the use of blue and black were distributed well and makes it bold. I really like how in the corner the girls lips have been turned blue.

pink background

I put this pink background on my collage to see what it looked like as I was experimenting using the printer this created the image above.


I like this video because there is many different styles of typography used. I think that all of the ideas in this have been hand drawn but there is a template used when finally putting the writing style onto the window which looks like its been done on a computer so that mistakes aren’t made and the style of writing can be wrote out quicker and easier. I also like the use of colour throughout the video they all stand out and can be seen clearly.


I found this picture of Albert Einstein on pinterest. I like the use of typography in this because the words create his face but show the meaning of what he was like. I also like the way when you think of Albert Einstein you think of ‘Creativity’ and other words which are bigger and bolder. The only thing that I don’t like about this is some of the writing is too hard to read unless you look closely if i was to make a picture using words the size of my writing would be readable.

I like this use of typography because its different i like the way the use of buildings have been used to create the letters, i like the way each letter is individual and completely different to the others. My favourite thing is the use of black and white because this makes the letters stand out more rather than them being in colour.