Type tool.

I learnt how to use the type tool in more detail I typed my name multiple times in different fonts and used kerning between two characters and tracking between selected characters, which changed the way my writing had been first layed out e.g. the spacing got bigger.  I then wanted to edit my text on […]

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Magazine Covers Then & Now

Vogue is one of the most popular magazines to ever be created it was first published in 1892 and is still today being published many things have changed since the first release. The focus of the magazine is fashion which is always changing however the front cover hasn’t changed much. In both of the covers […]

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I used InDesign to create my book but I didn’t know how to use it so In class we did a short tutorial on the basics of how to use it. When I opened InDesign I created a new document this page shown I then set my columns to two and clicked ok.   Once […]

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Brand Guidelines

I wanted to make a front cover for my InDesign brand guidelines to do this I used Adobe Illustrator to make my front cover I did this by picking my favourite design of the twitter bird that I created. Once I had the design I wanted I highlighted it all and used cmd c to […]

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