Recreating text

When I was looking for ideas for my font I found a picture with this style of writing on it, I decided to re-create this but using my font. I pasted the photo over into Adobe illustrator and used the eyedropper tool to create the background when zoomed in the background has a grainy fill […]

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In college today I got a font off Adobe Illustrator and made it into my own I used my concept of lines to create this to see if using lines in a different way would look as effective as my other font. This was the final piece I like it but I’m not going to […]

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Adobe Space Tutorial

In college I did an Adobe Photoshop tutorial which created a space like photo in the end. I followed each step and this was my final outcome, I saved my file as a JPEG so that I could put the image into my text, As a result my writing showed like this. It didn’t show […]

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Digital Illustration

I have used a variation of software’s in order to help me with my brief. Adobe Illustrator has helped me design my text and font needed by using the text tool and pen tool I  have been able to design my text. This software is also going to help me when it comes to placing a background on […]

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