Evaluation | Individual

I have met my brief deadline by completing my evaluation by the hand in deadline. I have uploaded this to the VLE as this is specified in my brief the screenshots above show the uploading process of my evaluation.


Yeezy | Advertisement

yeezy adv

Today I have worked on completing the advertisement for my packaging I have kept it simple with the composition at the side so you can see the Adidas logo alng with Yeezy boost 350 at the size then on the left hand side I have again placed my logo along with coming soon… in white. I made this bold compared to the logo as I want this to be the most striking part to my advertisement.

This would be a billboard but could also be a double page spread advertisement in a magazine. However I am choosing this to be a billboard as its more striking.]

In my brief it asks for an A3 print of my final advertisement however the printers aren’t working at the moment so I can’t print unless thats fixed. However this is my final advertisement its done I just have a massive constraint of not being able to print however if this is fixed before I go home I will print it and place it into my sketchbook.



Yeezy | Designs

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 09.11.49

I decided that I wanted to create my box design only using digital software. I used Photoshop in order to start developing a pattern I wasn’t sure at first what colour to go for as I don’t want to change the colour of the type I’ve created because of this I went with the tan colour Yeezys as this seemed like an option not many people would probably take to do the packaging.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 09.11.52

I started off by looking into the filter gallery, I looked into different filters and added noise this create a light texture to the box however made a big difference to the box already as it was no longer looking like the packaging that Yeezy’s are sold in now.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 09.12.21Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 09.13.56

This is a screenshot of my box with more noise added onto it this further deepened the texture I’m happy with this as the design and I’m ready to begin placing my designs onto it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.08.51

I decided to start off with the sides first adding this Adidas logo was key to the packaging as people need to know the brand who create the shoes not just the designer.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.17.41

I rotated my page as it was a little awkward to work the wrong way when I rotated it I then added a barcode to the design as the shoes would need to be scanned in order to pay for the shoes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.31.21

I then created a new document and put my Yeezy Boost 350 sign which I made. I decided the box is still a little bit plain and needs more to it as it doesn’t look like theres a lot to the design taking the shoes again there is lighter and darker colours taking a lighter colour from the tan yeezys I chose the font helvetica and began writing KANYE over and over and over again. I did this until it filled the entire area of the box. This looked better than I expected and was also something which I imagine Kanye would do.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11.46.22

I then had to go back into my other document and begin writing Kanye however this was easier to do as I could copy the other Kanye’s I had already made and paste them until the fit the whole page. I turned on my guides because this page was going to be cut in half putting this half way made it easier for me to decide when I needed to flip my type so that when I printed this A3 and began to place it onto my box it wasn’t upside down.

This is now the design for my box done the next thing to do is print it and begin placing it to make my packaging.

Test | Photoshop

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 16.19.40

This is a screenshot of me working in photoshop to create the animation below as you can see I have open a timeline and layers in the right hand side. By using my layers I was able to place them into the timeline which then created a movement. From this I added fade which gave me my final outcome. Experimenting further I added glasses in a separate timeline which I then focused on moving the glasses around just to get the hang of doing stop motion in photoshop this worked however I don’t think this is of massive use to me as most of my work is going to be traditional but you never know!

Boost 350 | Experiments

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.40.19

As I have created my Yeezy and KW logo I decided to begin looking at fonts for boost 350.

I have chosen fonts similar or the same as the ones I have previously used such as Futura bold and Helvetica. The reason I have did this is because both are my fonts are quite strong especially the Yeezy logo because of this I don’t and shouldn’t used any font that’s complicated as it’ll completely ruin the design. As well as this the font needs to be legible as people want to know what the shoe is on the packaging. Although its Kanye West and many people know who he is not everyone will know what the shoes are called and without this label the packaging could be for any shoe.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.41.02

Helvetica does work with the YEEZY logo as its simple and legible however I think that its too thin and looks slightly unprofessional compared to the logo as it doesn’t completely fit because the logo is so bold.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.54.02.png

I then chose Futura bold this font to me looks too bold for the logo and almost overshadows it as well as also making me think of Nike when I look at it which isn’t what I want as the brand is Adidas. Also if fitting this with advertising purposes if I was to use this font Nike may have a copyright over it which wouldn’t be good for Adidas and would also look as if they where taking the easy way out by choosing a bold font which they know is already popular therefore must be legible.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 16.54.39

I also chose a font which I have never worked with before. This was Microsoft Sans Serif I wanted to know how this would work within the logo as this is similar to helvetica however just like Helvetica looks too thin and when moved anywhere but right aligned doesn’t fit well.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.41.22

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.41.44

The last font is Impact this works effectively because its clear, bold, legible and simple. When placing this as well it also looks good left aligned and right aligned. Comparing this to Futura bold this looks thinner on the eye and doesn’t overshadow the logo in anyway it fits well and can work in other ways than left aligned so if coming to doing my packaging and right aligned for some reason doesn’t work the way I picture it in my head I can change it and it won’t be a problem.

I have now decided to use Impact as my final boost 350 font as it fits well with my logo and also will be legible on the box . If I do a poster as my advertisement I will use Impact further to promote the product as it will be the right thing to do rather than using a different font which makes no sense to Yeezy at all.


Packaging | Making the box

I am coming up to making my box however I have the constraint of not being able to use Illustrator to create a template as the size of the box is going to be too big not just for the computer to handle but obviously the printer is going to be able to print on card because of this I am going to traditionally make the box using cardboard as this material will be able to hold the shoes and will appropriately without being ruined when the products being delivered, shipped etc.

From this I have decided that I will take the measurements of the box and create individual files so that I can place my work onto them and print them off and stick them on this may not be the perfect way to do this design for retail purposes but for design purposes this will work fine and will also work when coming to do an advertisement as it’ll look professional. In terms of this being used for being sold as packaging it wouldn’t happen they would have a machine which would be able to print the design onto cardboard and a cutter which would be able to do this process as not just Yeezys but for example Adidas Superstars are sold in bulk so doing the process by hand would waste a lot of money and take a lot of effort.

It’s a start…


Today I took the opportunity to work on my moving image I used my camera and a tripod and placed imaged down on a table I created the movement by moving things slightly and taking photos. I took around 100 images and I have uploaded these into Photoshop to make all of the images go into one file I did file > open and selected the first image where I then ticked Image sequence and was able to select every other image to import into this file. This placed every image I selected into the timeline and in the layers panel.

At first I didnt realise I had to convert the timeline to frame animation so I had to individually change the timing of each frame which took a long time and I really wanted to find a solution to fix this as it would take forever to do when further filming. As this happened I found a solution…

I changed my video by selecting the right corner of the timeline and selecting frame animation  I then selected all frames and changed the timing so the video didn’t run as slow from this then gave me an outcome which is still a little rough but can be fixed further when placing back into After Effects.

To finalise I have rendered my video in Photoshop and uploaded it to Youtube however the quality of this only goes p to 360p I’m no certain how to change this and I have tried a few ways and when I do find a way I will come back to this file and convert it to a higher quality.  I also want to make sure that next time I do this I am going to be somewhere the lighting won’t change as I want to try and not edit any of the images before even turning them into a video because that will be a nightmare to do and waste a lot of time.

To finalise I am also quite happy with how this has gone for my first time I think however when doing future recording I need to have the tripod placed directly above where I am moving my images as then it will be a complete flat movement. I’m not certain on taking this further and using it within my final moving image but I do love the fact I have made it move quite well and its worked for placing the Ray-Bans onto the models.

I am going to try and work on a more simple outcome when I next come to do my stop motion. I want to use a drawing I have done to not move but for things to move out of its mouth which will hopefully lead me further to  my next clip.

I also think through the video I have already created I have a narrative of Ray-Bans to be sold and I’m doing it in quite a fun, creative way. The aim of the narrative behind my video is to keep people interested however keep it professional I also think through showing celebrities I am showing a popularity and how Ray-Bans are the highest quality glasses you can get.