Evaluation | Individual

I have met my brief deadline by completing my evaluation by the hand in deadline. I have uploaded this to the VLE as this is specified in my brief the screenshots above show the uploading process of my evaluation. Advertisements

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Yeezy | Advertisement

Today I have worked on completing the advertisement for my packaging I have kept it simple with the composition at the side so you can see the Adidas logo alng with Yeezy boost 350 at the size then on the left hand side I have again placed my logo along with coming soon… in white. […]

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Yeezy | Designs

I decided that I wanted to create my box design only using digital software. I used Photoshop in order to start developing a pattern I wasn’t sure at first what colour to go for as I don’t want to change the colour of the type I’ve created because of this I went with the tan […]

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Test | Photoshop

This is a screenshot of me working in photoshop to create the animation below as you can see I have open a timeline and layers in the right hand side. By using my layers I was able to place them into the timeline which then created a movement. From this I added fade which gave […]

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Boost 350 | Experiments

As I have created my Yeezy and KW logo I decided to begin looking at fonts for boost 350. I have chosen fonts similar or the same as the ones I have previously used such as Futura bold and Helvetica. The reason I have did this is because both are my fonts are quite strong especially […]

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Packaging | Making the box

I am coming up to making my box however I have the constraint of not being able to use Illustrator to create a template as the size of the box is going to be too big not just for the computer to handle but obviously the printer is going to be able to print on […]

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It’s a start…

  Today I took the opportunity to work on my moving image I used my camera and a tripod and placed imaged down on a table I created the movement by moving things slightly and taking photos. I took around 100 images and I have uploaded these into Photoshop to make all of the images […]

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