Fashion | Graphics

I sent my book off to blurb about a week ago, I got told that it would be here for the 5th June which was the deadline, My book turned up early and came on the 1st June, I am so happy with the outcome, Every page I’ve done is different, There is two minor […]

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Sincerely Jules |FMP

Sincerely Juels is a fashion blog I have followed throughout my FMP I have looked at her website mostly just because she’s quite simple but has a way of making a simple look more elaborate than others, Her work was quite useful when coming to do Giorgio Armani’s work as his designs are so simple […]

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The Blonde Salad | FMP

I have looked on The Blonde Salad’s blog but she hasn’t posted much throughout my project, However I found two looks that she has done which I like the images are above, However I think she relates to my work more than Sincerely Jules because she has a lot of patterns in her work and […]

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Draft book |FMP

 This is a draft of the book that I was creating for FMP so I could plan my pages and write down what I was doing for each page this helped along with my brief to keep up to date with my work and to know what I was doing for each page I wrote […]

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Instagram | FMP

    Diane didnt post much on her pages but I like her simple use of pattern work to showcase her work, However her work isn’t show much through Instagram so this wasn’t the best way to find her work. Dior had a lot of designs which i loved but I didn’t screenshot a lot […]

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Fabric Pens | Experimentation

This is another example of patterns that I have created on my sheet of silk I think this is similar to one of my other designs, However this is slightly smaller, I am showing this piece of work to show the similarities to my other design my purpose for each design was to make each […]

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