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img_8380I sent my book off to blurb about a week ago, I got told that it would be here for the 5th June which was the deadline, My book turned up early and came on the 1st June, I am so happy with the outcome, Every page I’ve done is different, There is two minor problems two of my pages one is research has a lighter black than it should’ve printed but it doesn’t look bad as it doesn’t compare with a darker black also my 1950’s New Look page looks like it has a lighter black for a border but I didn’t notice this until the second time looking. There is also two sentences jumbled up but as long as the illustrations and typographic designs I have done are perfect, I couldn’t complain about any as the resolutions and placement was perfect and had no problems.

With my book being here my Unit 12 project is finally finished I have enjoyed this project as I have been able to have more control of what happens to my work and learnt new skills so that I would be able to produce outcomes that I wanted, I also had to judge if the page I had completed was good enough and had to decide if I was going to carry on or get rid of it and come up with a new drawing.


Sincerely Jules |FMP

IMG0014-copy Screen-Shot-2015-05-17-at-10.18.21-AMScreen-Shot-2015-05-31-at-5.12.28-PMSincerely Juels is a fashion blog I have followed throughout my FMP I have looked at her website mostly just because she’s quite simple but has a way of making a simple look more elaborate than others, Her work was quite useful when coming to do Giorgio Armani’s work as his designs are so simple but amazing for example the image above of black jumpers its plain and simple but looks of a high standard as is something I’d buy without having to look any further.Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 21.09.57Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 21.10.07A blog post she has recently done is outfits during the week i quite like this as its varied I took screenshots of my two favourite outfits and even from these collages this is something she has done and she would wear explains to me how simple she keeps her outfits but adds something to elaborate it.

The Blonde Salad | FMP


I have looked on The Blonde Salad’s blog but she hasn’t posted much throughout my project, However I found two looks that she has done which I like the images are above, However I think she relates to my work more than Sincerely Jules because she has a lot of patterns in her work and she also mixes them I also liked a blog post that she did How to wear the Little Black Dress 2015, I found this interesting to see as it wasn’t a blog full of writing most where short and included images and this was exactly what her blog post was.DSCF6178-2-683x1024

Draft book |FMP

 This is a draft of the book that I was creating for FMP so I could plan my pages and write down what I was doing for each page this helped along with my brief to keep up to date with my work and to know what I was doing for each page I wrote what fashion designer this was and the idea I had in my head of what I wanted to produce for that page, these plans changed as I started working but this was okay because I could plan to do another page and where I would carry on from there with this book.

Instagram | FMP


Diane didnt post much on her pages but I like her simple use of pattern work to showcase her work, However her work isn’t show much through Instagram so this wasn’t the best way to find her work.

Dior had a lot of designs which i loved but I didn’t screenshot a lot of his work as most of the designs where simple even though they are elegant high one of the highest standard pieces than other designers I have used, some even though look of better quality don’t interest me as much as Emilio Pucci’s design work does.

Emilio Pucci showcased some of his work through Instagram I love his design work and the bright colours , his work  on Instagram ranges from  videos to some sketches but the widest range of images i found on there was promotion  for example the advertisements he will use in Magazines to show his work.

Karl Lagerfeld mostly shows his work through videos he does put images up but most where showing his advertisements, However I love his videos and how he includes art to show images such as the image above, explains everything about his new line ‘Karl is Kolour’ its such a simple design yet clever promotion ideas which helped me massively and gave me the idea to produce one of my pages for my book.


Armani shows mostl of all of his work through instagram out of all the designers pages I looked at he is the most consistent in posting, from advertisements to catwalk shows to some images of what celebrities are wearing his designs, He isn’t my favourite designer in fact he’s probably my least favourite because I love colour and patterns and his work is the complete opposite but he does have many designs that are so simple but work well, My favourite that I have screen shotted is the last image on the left of Cate Blanchett her outfit is simple colours and looks fitted perfectly to her body but comfortably.

I have took images from Instagram from the six designers pages that I have chosen to use the purpose of doing this was so I could show their work through images through a site that they directly use, This showcases their work on its own and I could clearly see from looking at each designer what I liked, whatever images I liked I screen shotted so I could showcase them on my blog throughout my Unit 12 project i have used instagram to like and see what work the designers I’m doing for my book are doing and their past work, also other images went up such as advertisements which helped me in how to showcase my work, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t have much of his work on there and if he did it was in video’s but he used a lot of art on his page which I liked. This has helped me throughout my project as Instagram is a popular well-known app where I can find all of the designers I am doing easily, quickly and in a interesting effective way through the use of images.

While on some of the designers pages i also found the use of videos helpful to show their work or how they like to present this gave me ideas on how I could produce my work when focusing on a particular artist. The video’s would have been especially helpful to use if I was going to produce a  piece such as a GIF to get a high standard outcome, Considering this wouldn’t work in my book it was helpful to use for ideas such as creating quick easy GIFS on my blog to develop my ideas further and show how I can use software in different ways.

These are the videos from Instagram that I found on the designers who used this type of media to show there work.

Chanel video

Emilio Pucci

Karl Lagerfeld

Pucci Patterns catwalk

Karl is Kolour

Experimenting | Proving colours don’t work

 I did a pattern starting off with black and then adding other colours the purpose of this was to show how easily the colours bleed into each other even if concentrating to try and get an accurate outcome using fabric pens, This was an imaginative way to show how certain colours don’t mix and some can look okay such as red and black together do mix but their both strong bold colours so if they bleed into one another its not as bad as yellow and black bleeding together. I didn’t do another experiment like this as i have already proved with this that mixing colours doesn’t exactly work unless you have a strong colour such as black in-between that breaks them up.

Fabric Pens | Experimentation


This is another example of patterns that I have created on my sheet of silk I think this is similar to one of my other designs, However this is slightly smaller, I am showing this piece of work to show the similarities to my other design my purpose for each design was to make each one unique but have a high standard outcome, As I didn’t plan beforehand with my designs not all of them where going to be perfect and some would vary but if I was going to carry on with this design and still use the other design that I created I would’ve overlaid this pattern with something else maybe more focused such as flowers but because I have used a lot of colour in this design the most appropriate colour to have used, I think that this pattern relates to Emilio Pucci as its got a lot of vibrant colours and then break down points However Pucci’s designs now are more complicated so this relates to his older work from around the 1960’s.