Unit 5: Final Front Cover

To get this picture I printed out the original image and used felt tips to cover Helena’s face in I then scanned this image in using the printer and opened it up onto photoshop. When I opened it I used the magic wand tool to get rid of the background. I then used image> Auto […]

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Concept Development: Photoshop

I scanned in one of my concepts which i used felt tip to create a fauvism look and scanned it into photoshop I then cut the background out using the magic want tool and the lasso tool,I also went into image and selected Auto tone, Auto Colour and auto contrasted  After this I added a […]

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Sellotape experiment

In college we used a picture which we had taken and printed it off we then used Sellotape and used a ruler to scrape over the Sellotape so that there was no bubbles this also helped in making the picture begin to stick we carried on using the sellotape to completely cover them; overlapping each […]

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